Here Are The Top 8 K-Pop Idols Who Are Deemed As True “All Rounders,” According To Netizens

They can sing, dance, and rap… #unfair!

In K-Pop, it is common for groups to have roles assigned to them, whether it is the main vocalist, main rapper, or main dancer. Sometimes, these roles overlap, and many will find themselves taking on several different parts in a song, requiring various skills. Yet, some idols don’t seem to fit into any of these categories, despite the labels.

Recently, Whosfan ran a poll where they asked netizens to vote for the K-Pop idols they thought could be considered all-rounders in the industry, and here are their picks.

8. Jeon Soyeon – (G)I-DLE

As the only fourth-generation female K-Pop artist in the top 100 most copyrighted K-Pop stars, according to KOMCA, Soyeon definitely can’t be left off this list. As the driving force behind helping (G)I-DLE be seen as a self-produced group, Soyeon also has a magnificent voice when it to rapping and is always improving in her vocals.

Yet, she is also a mega performer when it comes to being on stage, and there is no denying that she gains the attention of fans with her presence. Now using her skills to find the future of K-Pop in My Teenage Girl, Soyeon is a true all-rounder!

7. Choi Yoojung – Weki Meki

Although only born in 1999, Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung has proved that she is the full package. First being noticed as one of the standouts in Produce 101, she was rightly chosen as part of I.O.I. Once the group disbanded, she made her mark in Weki Meki.

After years of attending the prestigious SOPA, it is no surprise that she can do it all. Not only can Yoojung sing, dance, and rap, but she can also act starring in several K-Dramas since debuting. After four years in Weki Meki, Yoojung continues to show why she is a true all-rounder.

6. Jungkook – BTS

When it comes to BTS, there is no denying that the members are all crazy talented in so many different fields. Maknae Jungkook has always caught the attention of fans for being an all-rounder and showcasing so many different skills on stage.

As one of the main vocalists, Jungkook has such a pure voice that works with every song. Yet, it doesn’t take away from his ability to take the stage by storm when performing, and he’s also been known to bust out a rap at the speed and quality that even his own group’s rap line was shocked.

5. Joohoney – MONSTA X

On the outside, MONSTA X’s Joohoney might seem intimidating because of his raw and deep rapping voice, yet it couldn’t be further from the truth. When Joohoney starts to sing, he could easily be mistaken for an angel with a tone that has the ability to make people feel safe.

Of course, that shouldn’t discount his rapping skills which are so unique and make him stand out from the crowd. If you add his dancing and songwriting skills into the mix, it would almost be criminal not to have him on the list.

4. Yeonjun – TXT

TXT has always been unique as they are one of the few groups with no roles or positions in the group, aside from leader Soobin. So, it isn’t surprising that Yeonjun has made the list considering he has earned the titles of “4th generation it boy” title and “Big Hit’s most legendary trainee.”

In every TXT song, Yeonjun showcases his vocals and rapping talents, but he has a special skill for dancing, which led him to be Studio Choom’s Artist of the Month. With the visuals and style to match, Yeonjun continues to be a force to be reckoned with in K-Pop!

3. Jennie – BLACKPINK

Although all of the members of BLACKPINK have showcased just how diverse and talented they are, netizens rightly picked member Jennie as one of the best all-rounders in K-Pop. As the group’s main rapper, Jennie has also showcased her vocals many times to fans.

Yet, it is also her presence on stage that makes her a force to be reckoned with. Her dancing is strong and powerful but doesn’t take away from her dazzling visuals that have BLINKs in awe. She is also starting to get writing credits in tracks and has even shared that she has a notebook full of song ideas.

2. Han – Stray Kids

Stray Kids has proved that all the members are extremely diverse, and all showcase true diversity. Yet, member Han is always mentioned when talking about all-rounders because of his ability to do everything you could imagine for an idol.

Counted as the group’s main rapper and one of the fastest in K-Pop, Han’s vocals caught the attention of fans during Mnet’s Kingdom, and he is also a clear and precise dancer. More importantly, as part of 3racha, Han is known for his producing skills and has been the mastermind behind so many of the group’s tracks.

1. Heeseung – ENHYPEN

Despite only debuting last year, Heeseung has already made a huge mark on the K-Pop industry as part of ENHYPEN. Last month, Japanese fans voted him as one of the best male vocalists, and now fans have gone a step further and voted him as the idol who is seen as the best all-rounder!

On top of his flawless vocals, his dancing skills showcase his years of training and put fans at ease whenever they’re watching the group perform. Heeseung has also shown his rapping skills both during I-LAND and after debuting, cementing his status on this list.