Here Are The Top 10 K-Pop Male Vocalists With Voices Like An Angel, According To Japanese Fans

Has your pick made the list?

In K-Pop, it seems like fans are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking their favorite idols. From girl groups, boy groups, and soloists, each idol has their own charm and talents that shine through. Although most artists have to do it all, some male idols stand out for their beautiful voices and cement their status as main vocalists.

A recent poll was done on a Japanese website where fans could vote for their favorite male vocalist, and here are their top ten picks.

10. Woozi – SEVENTEEN

For many fans, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi is a true all-rounder. The members even said they struggled to choose which subunit to put him in because he can do it all, but they rightly chose the vocal one due to his amazing voice. Not only is he extremely stable in everything he sings, but he has the ability to capture the attention of fans through his words and make them feel something special.

9. Heeseung – ENHYPEN

As the youngest idol on this list and with the least experience, ENHYPEN’s Heeseung has definitely made an impact with his voice. From ballads to uptempo tracks, his voice can adapt to any genre and bring out the best in the lyrics. Even during I-Land, fans noticed his excellent singing technique that was way beyond his years, and he continues to showcase that talent now he has debuted.

8. Jimin – BTS

Although fans tend to focus on Jimin’s outstanding dancing ability, there is no denying that he has such a strong and captivating singing voice. For many, Jimin is another idol with a special tone to his voice that no one can replicate. He has a unique texture that perfectly tells a story through lyrics, and it can send emotions through someone in a ballad or get them on their feet to dance to upbeat tracks.

7. D.O. – EXO

EXO’s D.O. has a voice that very few fans can falter. Since his debut, he showcased an amazing ability to sing all genres of songs and put his own twist on them. For many, they believe that D.O. has one of the best techniques in K-Pop as he is able to flawlessly execute vocal runs and adlibs during performances while maintaining a steady set of vocals. From pop music to starring in musicals, D.O. has proved that he can do it all and continues to capture the hearts of fans with his vocals.

6. Yesung – Super Junior

As the most experienced idol on this list, there is no doubt that Super Junior’s Yesung has such a unique voice. From being part of the group, a member of KRY, and a soloist, Yesung has proved his versatility as a singer and is one of the most recognizable voices in the industry. For many, it has a husky and velvet tone that isn’t seen amongst many main vocalists and works well with his other members.

5. Baekhyun – EXO

As part of EXO’s vocal group, fans have seen Baekhyun’s singing and confidence improve. With a steady and stable voice, he is able to add flair to the lyrics through adlibs and scales while still capturing the song’s emotions. Even his former vocal trainer and Girls Planet 999 master couldn’t stop praising Baekhyun for his dedication to improving his vocals. His hard work and practice have paid off, and he is amazing as both a soloist and in EXO.

4. Seungkwan – SEVENTEEN

Although all of SEVENTEEN’s vocal unit has been known for their incredible voices, many believe that Seungkwan is technically the best. With strong control over each note and a wide range, it all just adds to the emotions fans feel whenever he sings. With his amazing personality, he can sing any genre and convey a different story to fans while ensuring that he puts his own unique stamp on each track.

3. Chen – EXO

Like Baekhyun, EXO’s Chen has shown a huge improvement in his vocal abilities since debuting and has become one of the group’s best vocalists. With a higher voice range than many male vocalists but still the ability to hit those lower registers, he seems to sing with a minimal amount of effort while showcasing vocals that can be rivaled by very few.


As expected, it wouldn’t be a list of the best male vocalists without all members of SEVENTEEN’s vocal unit being included. Even though there isn’t much separating the talents of the members, DK is seen as having a powerful and versatile voice that is very expressive. For many, his singing almost seems effortless and shows a great vocal range in every song.

1. Jungkook – BTS

If there is one person that many fans would expect to be near the top of the list, it is BTS’s Jungkook. Despite being the youngest member of the group, he has solidified himself as the main vocalist and proved he has a voice beyond his years. With the bonus of being pitch-perfect, Jungkook’s voice has been described as light and airy, bringing a feeling of comfort to ARMYs worldwide. Vocal experts and famous musicians have had nothing but praise for Jungkook’s singing ability.

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