Here Are The 3 K-Pop Idols Whose Vocals “Girls Planet 999” Vocal Master Lim Han Byul Is Most Proud Of

He taught all three!

When it comes to K-Pop reality shows, one of the series that is gaining the attention of fans worldwide is Mnet‘s Girls Planet 999. With contestants from Korea, China, and Japan, the girls are evaluated on their singing, dancing, and stage performance in the hope of debuting at the end.

In particular, there are experts in each field who are there to judge, critique, and guide the contestants through the competition. One of those is vocal coach Lim Han Byul.

“Girls Planet 999” Vocal Master Lim Han Byul

With the show’s success, some of the mentors and experts recently sat down in an interview about the show. After training so many idols, Lim Han Byul revealed which idols he is most proud of while teaching!

In the interview, he explained that rather than conducting a lesson, he was contacted by them first, taught them little by little, and called them all amazing friends. For his picks, he chose three well-known idols who are all known for their stunning vocals! The first idol that he mentioned was NCT‘s Haechan!

NCT’s Haechan | @NCTsmtown/ Twitter

As one of the main vocalists of NCT, there is no denying that Haechan is extremely talented. For many, they believe that Haechan has a rich voice that is suited to any genre and style that the various subunits release. With his power and immense stage presence, it is not surprising that he was one of the picks.

| NCT/ YouTube

The second idol is a fourth-generation star who has been gaining attention for his powerful vocals, and it is ATEEZ‘s Jongho!

ATEEZ’s Jongho | @sbsmtvtheshow/ Twitter

Like Haechan, Jongho is only 21-years-old (international age), he has wowed fans and idols alike with his powerful and unique vocal ability, which is far beyond his years. As the group’s main vocalist, he has particularly caught the attention for his high notes, which have shocked even veteran idols. Yet, he also combines this with an undeniable stage presence.

| Mnet/ YouTube

Although only briefly mentioning Jongho and Haechan, when it came to EXO‘s Baekhyun, he had nothing but kind words about the idol who came to him wanting to learn how to sing.

EXO’s Baekhyun | SM Entertainment

Lim Han Byul explained how much it meant for Baekyun to come to him for help, especially considering how long he had been an idol. Yet, there is no denying that in EXO and his solo work, his vocals are undeniable, with a strong range, tone, and power in his songs.

It’s actually quite difficult to ask for help the longer you’ve been in the industry. This is because you might already have existing techniques or habits.

— Lim Han Byul

Although there are so many amazing vocalists in K-Pop, it is heartwarming to see Lim Han Byul have a special relationship with each idol he has taught. There is also no denying that his picks are all so talented and continue to shine.

Source: Star News

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