Born To Be A Star: Our Favorite Idols’ Pre-debut T.V. Appearances

Some idols were just born to be a star!

Here are some of our favorite K-Pop idols television pasts!

Little TVXQ

When boy group TVXQ was at their prime popularity, they appeared on a variety program called Star King where stars come out on a panel to judge contestants to see if they are worth being given the title for their various talents and skills. One of the acts for that particular episode starred little TVXQ, which were mini-me versions of the ever popular boy group. But did you know that 3 of the boys are current idols today? Let’s take a look!

ASTRO’s Moonbin

You may recognize this guy because he is a member of boy group ASTROMoonbin came out on Star King portraying U-Know Yunho’s mini-me and let’s just say, I can totally see the resemblance! His portrayal doesn’t end there as he was featured in TVXQ’s “Balloons” music video as well.

SF9’s Chani

Coming out on the same show with ASTRO’s Moonbin but portraying a different TVXQ member is SF9’s Chani! Chani came out as Micky Yoochun’s mini-me counterpart and while they may not too alike, he looked adorable with the long hair!

iKON’s Chan

| Instiz
| Daum

Another familiar face in little TVXQ! This time it’s iKON’s youngest member Chan! While he didn’t come out on the show with the other two, he did play Max Changmin’s young counterpart in TVXQ’s music video for “Balloons”.


Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

| Yoshimoto Kogyo

The world famous girl group Girl’s Generation have been around for more than a decade and they’ve really made a strong mark in the K-Pop world. But before their debut, member Sooyoung is known for having made her debut in a different group. She debuted in a Japanese duo group called Route 0 when she was only 12 years old! Look at how little she was!

Stray Kids Lee Know’s Backup Dancer Past

Stray Kids Member Lee Know (right) | Nate
| @idolspredebut/Twitter

While he is currently known as Lee Know to fans now, the Stray Kids member used to have a past as a backup dancer for boy group BTS! His position as the main dancer in Stray Kids isn’t coincidental since BTS noticed his talent and chose him to be a part of their performances.


G-Dragon’s Younger Days


No one can deny G-Dragon’s star persona and that was present even at a young age. Our favorite fashionista made one of his first ever appearances on popular kids show BoBoBo when he was just 6 years old! His charisma and swag can be seen even at a young age. After his BoBoBo appearance, he would then go on to be a part of Little Roo’ra where he would perform with the idol group on stage with them.


Before she made her debut in girl group SISTAR, ex-member Bora made a television appearance on variety show Golden Ladder as a queen-ka or a campus beauty. She was a normal college student attending Myeong-ji University at the time but made her appearance as Ahn Sohee’s look-a-like with her gorgeous visuals.


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