Here Are 9 Idols Expected To Enlist In Military In 2019

Idols born in 1990 will have to part with their fans for a while.

By law, Korean men are expected to enlist in the military by the age of 28. This means in 2019, idols born in 1990 will part with their group and fans for a while as they serve in the military. Here are 9 idols that the fans will surely miss during their absence.

1. BIGBANG Seungri

Currently, every other member of BIGBANG has already enlisted and will be discharged in 2019. Seungri has told fans that he’d like to enlist early 2019 to shorten the wait time for fans to see the 5-member BIGBANG again.

2. EXO Xiumin

As the oldest member, Xiumin will probably be the first to enlist in the military out of EXO. But because Xiumin has previously applied for graduate school, his enlistment may be postponed.

3. Highlight Yoseob

Yoseob is expected to enlist on the 24th of January.

4. Highlight Kikwang

While the exact that Kikwang will enlist is unknown, he is also expected to enlist sometime in 2019.

5. 2PM Junho

Junho has found success in acting through movies and dramas. Fans are looking forward to seeing him on screen as an actor and also as 2PM after he serves in the military.

6. 2PM Chansung

Chansung is another member of 2PM who has found success in acting, most recently recognized for his character in the drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

7. FT Island Hongki

It’s been 12 years since Hongki debuted as FT Island in 2007, and he has put out countless hit songs during those times!


VIXX N has previously mentioned his thoughts on enlisting, saying that he’s preparing and when the time comes he will confidently enlist.

9. VIXX Leo

Another member born in 1990 in VIXX, Leo is also expected to enlist during 2019.

Source: Insight and Star Today


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