K-Pop And K-Drama Are Huge In The Philippines, And Some Korean Citizens Think It’s Because Of These 3 Reasons

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It’s no secret that the Philippines is one of the top consumers of all things related to K-Entertainment. From frequently selling out concerts to making their own versions of popular K-Dramas, they have shown that there’s no sign of their love ever dying!

SEVENTEEN quickly sold out their 2-day “Be The Sun” concerts in Manila last October

In a new interview with Asian Boss, random Korean citizens were interviewed about their thoughts on the Philippines including why they believe K-Pop and K-Drama grew so quickly.

Check out some of their insights below.

1. Geography

First up, one young man attributed the rise in K-Entertainment with their geography. Because both countries are located in the same continent, it is easier to visit each other and immerse themselves in their culture.

Well the truth is that K-Culture is gaining global popularity and the Philippines is not so far geographically so they’re able to access it more easily. And Koreans visit the Philippines more often so they have contact with Korea and I think that’s why they come across it a lot.

— Asian Boss Interviewee

2. Westernization

Another youth representative claimed that South Korea’s rapid economic growth in the last century gave them a more Westernized appeal that felt familiar to Filipinos.

Korea’s economic growth happened quickly, right? As a result, I think Korea was Westernized relatively early. I think it’s fair to say that Asian countries tend to look up to other Westernized Asian countries. So I feel they look up to Korea as a country they can model themselves after.

— Asian Boss Interviewee

3. Sophistication

Finally, a young woman believed that the overall creativity and accessibility of K-Pop and K-Drama were alluring. A simple click of a button on one’s mobile device, for instance, can open a whole world of content.

I think Korean content like K-Pop might be perceived as more sophisticated and easily accessible. I’m talking about creative content that showcases Korean culture.

— Asian Boss Interviewee

Check out the full video below to learn more about their thoughts on the Philippines.

Source: YouTube
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