8 Simple Summer K-Pop Hairstyles You Need To Try ASAP

#5 will make your life SO much easier.

With the sticky heat of summer coming, sometimes you just want to put on a baseball cap and call it a day when it comes to doing your hair. However, with these 8 simple hairstyles from your favorite K-Pop stars, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort and they’ll only take you about 2 minutes to do. Hooray!

1. Low Messy Bun

As shown by Red Velvet’s Seulgi, a low messy bun is effortlessly chic and totally low maintenance.

To perfect the look, loosely gather hair at the nape of your neck (bonus points if it’s messy). Pull out a few face-framing strands of hair and give them a slight curl to keep them in place.

2. Half-up Half-down

When you want the look of having your hair down but want to be able to reap the cool benefits of an up-do, a simple half-up-half-down ‘do should do the trick.

Starting at your ears, drag your thumbs up diagonally until they meet and secure with a vibrant scrunchie or subtle elastic.

3. Space Buns

The secret to looking good in space buns is finding exactly what type of style works for you. Experiment with size, shape, and texture. A straight path or a zigzag path? Messy buns or neat buns? The choice is yours!

Alternatively, braiding pigtails and wrapping them around into buns like TWICE’s Sana can create a funky look.

4. Braids

There are many ways to pull off romantic braids, such as MAMAMOO Wheein‘s super loose look.

Taeyeon is known for her girly, chunky braids with side-swept bangs.

5. High Ponytail

Keep it super sleek and position the elastic on top of your head for added lift like Red Velvet’s Irene.

Letting down some hair around your face like Gugudan’s Mina makes the look more casual.

For a little something extra, braid or twist the ponytail like MAMAMOO’s Solar and secure at the end with an elastic.

6. Top Knot

Perhaps the easiest summer look, gather all hair at the top of the head like BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and secure hastily (Really, the faster you do it, the better it looks)!

If you have any baby hairs along your hairline, comb them all in one direction for a neat look.

7. Pig Tails

For a more mature take on pigtails, keep them low like OH MY GIRL’s YooA.

Alternatively, try putting them midway up your head like GFRIEND’s Yerin for a cutesy vibe.

8. Classic Low Ponytail

This chic hairstyle is perfect for when you have to be fancy but don’t feel like putting in too much effort…but no one will know it only took 2 minutes!

Part hair in the center and tightly secure at the nape of the neck with an elastic. Accessorize with statement earrings and bravely face the summer heat!