6 K-Pop Inspired Halloween Looks To Guarantee Squad Ghouls

Here’s how you can look like your favorite K-Pop star this Halloween.

Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means, costumes! If you are a K-Pop fan and you’ve been dying to dress like your favorite idols, look no further. Here are 6 K-Pop inspired Halloween looks that you can recreate with your friends with items you might already have in your closet!


1. BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” Tomb Raider Outfit

| YG Entertainment

If you want to make a killer impression, grab three of your closest friends and go for this Tomb Raider look! With the classic neutral colors, leg holsters and chunky belted accessories, BLACKPINK’s outfits from their “Kill This Love” music video can be easily recreated for this year’s Halloween season. Throw on black or khaki colored clothing with some chunky black boots, knee high socks and you’re already almost done! Don’t forget to braid your hair back into a sleek pony and add any black leather accessories to really ‘kill’ this look!

| @blackpinksstyle/Twitter

While Lisa’s edgy outfit cost $700+, you can recreate it on a more affordable price point by pairing a black cropped long sleeve and some black shorts. Look to see if you have a black belt to tie everything together! Don’t forget to go to your nearest costume store to find leg holsters for cheap to really nail this look!


| @blackpinksstyle/Twitter

While Jennie’s top is not the most pricey, I know that for a Halloween costume, it can be a bit of money to shell out. Find any dark colored tank top, bonus points if it’s cropped to really recreate this look accurately! Pair this look with a leg holster and some fingerless gloves and you’re good to go!

| @blackpinksstyle/Twitter

Jisoo’s top is super cool but for over $300, it’s too expensive for Halloween costume! If you’re like me and you like to be thrifty, rummage through your closet to look for any black button down. Do a half tuck in some black shorts and find your chunkiest black combat boots to recreate her look!

| @blackpinksstyle/Twitter

Last but not least is Rosé who is wearing a khaki ensemble. The Me Dic Al cropped jacket she wears is fierce but the price tag is not. Look for a neutral button down that you can DIY crop or a neutral jacket. While you’re looking for your top, don’t forget to find a similar color skirt or shorts to create this outfit. With a black fanny pack and a leg harness, your look is complete!

2. BTS’s Classic School Boy Look

For all you male K-Pop fans out there, this is an easy one to do! Grab your favorite blazer, nice slacks and some dress shoes to recreate your favorite BTS member’s look. This school boy/boyfriend look is not just about the outfit but also the accessories, so don’t forget a tie or a bow tie! If you want to recreate a more authentic school uniform, find some pins or badges that you can put on your blazer! As for all you men who live in a colder climates or you just desire something more casual, feel free to throw on a hoodie under your blazer and some sneakers!

Men’s Navy Blazer $39.99 | H&M
Men’s Argyle Vest $27.50 | Walmart
Men’s White Sneakers $29.99 | HM


3. Girls’ Generation’s Iconic Sailor Look

| Seoulbeats

Easily one of the most iconic themes to ever be done in the K-Pop world! Girls’ Generation nailed it with the sailor concept for their hit song “Genie.” Whether you want to go with the crisp, white blazer option (main article photo) or the classic navy romper, you can’t go wrong with this look! Just pair it with some cute heels and an appropriate sailor hat to complete the outfit. If you don’t have a white blazer or a navy romper hanging in your closet, don’t fret too much and put together an all white or all navy outfit. Go to your nearest craft store and find some gold buttons and embellishments to emphasize the nautical look! If not, here are some other cheap alternatives that will help recreate this sailor look.

White Blazer Dress $34 | PRETTYLITTLETHING
Sailor Top $16.06 | YesStyle
Sailor Hat $10 | Spirit Halloween

4. MONSTA X’s Goth/Punk Look

| Instiz

Shoutout to all my K-Pop loving fellas out there! MONSTA X comes in at number 4 with their all black outfits. If you’re looking for a grunge costume this Halloween and have a closet full of black clothes, look no further. Pull out your favorite combat boots (the chunkier the better), your favorite black clothing pieces and leather accessories to recreate your favorite MONSTA X member’s outfit. Extra bonus points if you have fun silver jewelry to add! If you are realizing you only have black clothes but none of the fun additional pieces, here are a few affordable options to elevate your Halloween look!

Silver Pant Chain $3.50 | SHEIN
Gun Holster $9.99 | Party City
Leather Fingerless Gloves $9.99 | Walmart

5. Red Velvet’s Colorful “Dumb Dumb” Doll Look

| Naver

For those of you looking for a more colorful option, this is a fun one. Red Velvet donned these very vibrant doll outfits for their song “Dumb Dumb” and you can too! To recreate this look, grab your favorite color stockings or knee high socks and pair them with a matching colored apron. Put the apron over a dress (red if you have one) and voila! This look would not be complete without the proper hairstyle so put your hair up in a whimsical braided up-do and pair it with a red bow. As for the makeup, put on some pretty pink blush and dramatic lashes to really complete this look.

Colored Knee High Socks $6.50 | Walmart


Colored Apron $4.99 | Walmart

6. TWICE’s Boho “More and More” Look

| JYP Entertainment

If you want to be comfortable and cute this Halloween, have I got a good one for you! TWICE found the perfect balance of between cute and comfy with this boho theme. All you’ll need to recreate this look is a printed flowy dress and some leather boots. If you want the boho look but you’re not too keen on wearing a dress, pair a printed top with some denim shorts or jeans and boots! Don’t think I forgot about the extra finishing touches. This look is simple so the little things will really hit it out of the park. Add some waves to your hair, a head scarf or headband and lots of bracelets to complete the look.

Hair Scarf $6.99 | Fashion Nova
Brown Leather Boots $17.48 | Tilly’s
Flowy Dress $39 | VENUS

Bonus: COVID Friendly Costume

With a worldwide pandemic going on, who knows what Halloween will look like this year. However ATEEZ’s “HALA HALA” outfits offer a very COVID friendly option with 2020’s must have accessory: masks. So if you are in the market for a virus friendly costume, try this one! You will need a black mask, some type of a wide brim hat, black clothes and loads of silver jewelry. Don’t forget about the dark eye makeup to tie everything together.



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