16 Hilarious Fresh K-Pop Memes For April Fools’ Day

It’s that time of the year!

It’s April Fools’ day, and as has become the annual tradition, the K-Pop subreddit has been flooded with memes and other funny content today! Between trolling posts, witty puns, and hilarious photoshopped images, there’s no shortage of content to make you laugh. Here are 16 of the various memes and other content to enjoy on April Fools’ Day!

1. Aespa’s newest member!


Honestly, who wouldn’t be surprised to see NCT‘s Mark debut in yet another group?

2. Check out who’s going to be joining Kingdom at the last minute!


Dreamcatcher would definitely give the other contestants a run for their money, no doubt.

3. Real footage of IU and Baekhyun fighting over the top of the charts each year.

Baekhyun and IU duking it out in the charts every year from r/kpop

Anyway, stream “Bambi” by Baekhyun and “Lilac” by IU!

4. Breaking news from SM Entertainment!


There aren’t enough members in NCT already, so the group line-up will double this year just because it can.

5. Oh no, this is too real…


Why can’t we have nice things?

6. Before too long, Brave Girls will have performed everywhere and for everyone, and it’s deserved.

Rare footage of Brave Girls performing Rollin’ (2017) for the Korean Air Force from r/kpop

In all seriousness though, congratulations to the group for their incredible comeback story!

7. Dreamcatcher is now a Guinness World Record breaker.


They can proudly claim the world’s longest lightstick now!

8. We’ve all been there.


What’s your favorite “nanana” to cry to?

9. Stray Kids’ leader’s new restaurant looks promising.


Might be missing a letter though…

10. You can never escape.


S-stan LOONA?

11. The magic conch has spoken.


Who knew this is where CLC got their lyrics from?

12. It’s about time!

BREAKING: Ha Sooyoung, known to many as LOONA’s Yves, has arrest warrant issued after being accused of stealing millions of hearts with her ‘Party Monster’ cover. from r/kpop

She’s been stealing hearts long before now.

13. Super Junior’s moral alignment chart.


This is highly accurate.

14. If only this was true.

PENTAGON subunit 80%(Legs) confirmed by CUBE, Album Rumored to be titled “180+” with Title Track “SKYSCRAPER” from r/kpop

Seriously, this would be a great actual concept!

15. This might be a joke, but it’s actually kind of epic??

More “bardcore” covers in K-Pop please!

16. Wait for it…

Happy April Fools’ Day!