6 Overdone K-Pop Group Naming Conventions That Fans Want To Go

“The math equations definitely need to stop.”

It seems like K-Pop names have gotten more complex and ridiculous in recent years, with the announcement of names like EL7Z UP and ZEROBASEONE getting criticized by many fans. When it becomes hard to even know how to pronounce an artist’s name, then they might have gone too far with trying to be unique! There are other naming conventions, though, that fans would also like to see less of, and the topic was recently discussed on a Reddit post. Here are 6 overdone K-Pop group naming conventions that fans want to see gone.

1. Group names that begin with the letter “T”.


2. Group names that look like math equations.

EL7Z UP | Apple Monster

3. Group names that are just regular words.

WINNER | YG Entertainment

4. Group names that include girls/boys/”young” words.

Super Junior | SM Entertainment

5. Group names that replace a letter with a number.

Kep1er | WAKEONE

6. Group names with a number related to the number of members.

fromis_9 | Pledis Entertainment

Source: Reddit