10 K-Pop Products For Anyone Who Likes To Stay In On Weekends

How to live your best K-Pop stan life at home.

Sometimes you want to go out with friends and live your best life on the weekend after grinding all week at work or school. Other times, the allure of staying at home to decompress is simply too appealing to turn down. If you’re the type who just wants to stay in on your days off, these products are totally for you!

1. Portable Bluetooth speaker

Lenrue portable Bluetooth speaker | Source: Amazon

While this isn’t strictly a K-Pop product, it’s a must-have if you’re going to be lounging around at home. With a portable Bluetooth speaker, you’ll be able to jam out to BTS while you’re washing the dishes or singalong with BLACKPINK while you’re showering. The possibilities are endless!

2. Pack of scrunchies

Chloven 45 pack scrunchies | Source: Amazon

Again, not a K-Pop item, however, this fashion accessory has made a comeback in a big away, and it’s the perfect thing to keep you cool and comfortable while you relax. As an added bonus, you can say you were inspired by IU‘s scrunchie fashion!

3. Hand mirror

BT21 hand mirror | Source: Amazon

When you’re at home relaxing, there will obviously be times that you’re enjoying a snack and, Oh what’s this? Did something stick in your teeth? Well, a handy dandy hand mirror will solve your problems by being there for you. Standing up to check your teeth in the bathroom mirror is so 2019.

4. Hoodie

Red Velvet Day 2 Sweet Pink Sweatshirt | Source: smglobalshop

Nobody but a “Psycho” (see what I did there?) would dress to impress when they’re relaxing at home. So, throw on a comfy hoodie and sweatpants and enjoy the weekend to its fullest!

5. Throw pillow

Fanstown BTS Love Yourself Pillow | Source: Amazon

You can never have too many pillows. Since you’ll probably be lounging in bed or on the couch, you might as well be comfortable with your bias, living your best stan life.

6. Water bottle

Red Velvet clear water bottle | Source: smglobalshop

Listen, the weekend is all about relaxing, right? As comfortable as you may be, you have to stay hydrated! What better way to stay hydrated than by repping for your favorite group? Besides, only plebs drink from cups that don’t represent their faves.

7. Folding fan

NCT 127 Neo Zone Folding Fan | Source: smglobalshop

Depending on where you live and whether you have air conditioning, you may need a way to stay cool while you chillax. No worries, with this NCT 127 hand fan you can be stylish and maintain a comfortable body temperature.

8. Handy fan

f(x) handy fan | source: smglobalshop

Too bougie to fan yourself? No problem, because there is also this nifty handy fan to keep you cool.

9. Tour DVD

BTS World Tour Love Yourself DVD | Source: Amazon

You’re comfy, hydrated, and squeaky clean with a song that’s been stuck in your head thanks to that cool Bluetooth speaker you used to listen to your favorite artist while showering. How do you get rid of the earworm while still enjoying your homestay weekend to the fullest extent? You watch a DVD of their tour, of course!

10. Blanket

KAKAO FRIENDS TWICE Edition Blanket | Source: Amazon

When you’re lounging cozily with your throw pillow and hand fan (or handy fan), you’ll probably want a blanket to snuggle with as well. Why not choose one that represents your fandom?

No matter what fandom you’re in, you’re sure to find cool items that represent your faves, whether it’s a hoodie, blanket, or water bottle. Here’s hoping our list of ten K-Pop products will make your weekends more comfortable, chill, and relaxing. ✨