These 13 SEVENTEEN Memes Reimagined As K-Pop Songs Are The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Why do these fit so perfectly?

There are countless memes that have been made from K-Pop, because there’s so much media that comes from the music genre and a lot of it ends up being hilarious, even if it wasn’t intentional! A Twitter user by the name @hueninstar took some already funny SEVENTEEN memes even further by connecting them to various K-Pop songs that suit the memes shockingly well, and the end results are hilarious. Here are 13 of those memes.

1. “Lucifer” by SHINee

Young Vernon should be able to keep away any evil entities such as Lucifer in this meme!

2. “Fool” by NCT 127

Seungkwan may look a bit like a fool in this meme, but he still looks absolutely adorable, right?

3. “I am YOU” by Stray Kids

Woozi is getting in some good self-reflection in this meme… Literally.

4. “I Need Somebody” by DAY6

Poor Jun. You’ll find a relationship as cute as theirs someday!

5. “Punch” by NCT 127

Yikes, whoever is on the other end of that fist is going to have a bad day.

6. “Regular” by NCT 127

Wonwoo deserves all the riches in the world for all of his hard work! But will he be satisfied with a million?

7. “Killing Me” by iKON

Woozi please be gentle with DK!

8. “Shhh” by SEVENTEEN

Apparently DK learned a thing or two from Woozi… Poor Seungkwan.

9. “If You” by BIGBANG

Don’t worry, this is how all of us look when we listen to “If You”.

10. “Puma” by TXT

He makes the cutest puma ever, don’t you think?

11. “Beautiful” by SEVENTEEN

DK is the most beautiful person in the world, blonde wig or no!

12. “God’s Menu” by Stray Kids

If Hoshi can be considered a dance god, then this is definitely an accurate image and caption!

13. “No” by CLC

It’s okay, we’ve all been there when we don’t want to do something, Seungkwan.


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