10+ Of The Funniest & Most Creative K-Pop Ship Names, According To Fans

There are so many BTS ones 😂

Shipping can sometimes be a controversial topic in K-Pop, but oftentimes ship names are created for idols with friendships that fans really love to see! There are some romantic ones as well, especially for confirmed couples, but more often than not, ship names are for platonic couples. People can certainly get creative with the names they come up with for ships as well, and some of them are really funny and clever! Here are 10+ ship names brought up on a recent Reddit post of fans discussing some of their favorites.

1. Kookiemonster

“Kookiemonster” — a blend of BTS members RM and Jungkook‘s past stage name and nickname respectively — is arguably one of the cutest ship names in the industry.

2. Winning

Mixing together aespa‘s members Winter and NingNing‘s stage names gives them a ship name that is just as “winning” as they are at performing!

3. Meanie

“Meanie” is a very old ship name for SEVENTEEN members and best friends Mingyu and Wonwoo, back when Wonwoo’s name wasn’t even known and people just identified him due to his beanie, hence the name!

4. Sope

Another of many BTS ship names on this list, “Sope” is none other than talented rap pair J-Hope and Suga!

5. Woosan

While the ship name for ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung and San might not seem all that creative at first, “woosan” (우산) is actually the Korean word for “umbrella”, which is extremely cute for these besties!

6. Homo

The one real (past) romantic ship on this list might have one of the most unfortunate ship names! Super Junior‘s Heechul and TWICE‘s Momo was a couple beloved by many, but fans still got a kick out of giving them this kind of ship name 😂

7. MoonSun

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul and Solar are a precious duo, and their ship name combining the astronomical aspects of their names is so pretty!

8. Sugakookie

With a nickname like “Kookie”, it’s no surprise that BTS’s Jungkook has so many fun ship names! This one is paired with fellow member Suga, of course, because their stage names just go too perfectly together.

9. MiMoSa

TWICE’s Japanese line — Mina, Momo, and Sana — form an adorable trio, and the ship name that takes the first two letters of all of their stage names perfectly forms the tasty beverage!

10. SeXing

Yet another more unfortunate ship name, this is the name given to the pairing of EXO‘s Sehun and Lay (whose real name is Yixing). Fans of the group probably got a laugh when they discovered how the names could be paired together 😂

11. Sin

The last BTS ship name on this list is for the group’s oldest members, Jin and Suga, and it’s pretty hilarious given their personalities! They have even used the ship name “Sin” themselves, which makes it even more hilarious.

12. SunDae

Finally, BIGBANG members Taeyang (whose name means “sun”) and Daesung make another tasty-sounding ship name on this list with “SunDae”!

Source: Reddit