13 Skinship-Heavy Moments In Female K-Pop Dances That Will Make You Swoon

Keep it up, choreographers!

Dance is a huge part of the K-Pop industry, and it’s always exciting to see how choreographers will interpret a song and create a dance for it. We made a list of skinship-heavy moments in male K-Pop dances, and now it’s time for the girls to have their turn. Here’s a list of 13 of some of the iconic moments in dances for female artists that made fans squeal over how the members interacted with each other.

1. All the gentle caressing in COSMIC GIRLS’ “Save Me Save You”

2. Seulgi and Irene’s interaction in Red Velvet’s “Sunny Side Up”

3. The couple interactions in Weki Meki’s “Picky Picky”

4. The other girls brushing Jennie’s legs in BLACKPINK’s “Don’t Know What To Do”

5. So many gentle caresses in LABOUM’s “Between Us”

6. The soft arm interactions in Apink’s “Eung Eung”

7. All the gentle touches in Dreamcatcher’s “Deja Vu”

8. The couple dance in G-IDLE’s “Seniorita”

9. Momo and Mina’s sensual dance on MNET’s Hit The Stage 

10. The switched-gender version of Sunmi’s “Gashina”

11. The full-group embracing moment in 4minute’s “Volume Up”

12. SISTAR’S playful taps in “Touch My Body”

13. The adorable hugs in TWICE’s “Heart Shaker”