5 Popular Songs You Didn’t Know Were Remakes

Which versions do you like better?

As the music industry grows and time passes, sometimes old classics are revisited and revamped with a modern spin. Idols often go down this route and tack on sharp choreography and updated concepts to re-present and reinterpret the song with their own flavor. Check out some of the originals below!

1. OH MY GIRL’s “Listen to My Word”

The girls have modernized a song of the same name from 2000 by girl group Papaya. Although the lyrics are the same, Oh My Girl’s rendition features choreography and adorable sailor outfits.

2. BTS’s “Coffee”

The sweet song swept fans off their feet as part of BTS’s O!RUL8,2? album. Although their rendition features an all-new raps penned by the members themselves, the original song was first released by Urban Zapaka in 2011.

3. f(x)’s “Hot Summer”


“Oh hot summer/ oh hot hot summer” — an essential song every sweltering season, f(x)’s 2011 summer classic is actually a remake of a 2007 German song by the same name! Girl group Monrose actually topped the charts back then with the tune, proving the catchiness of the tune. Coincidentally, a few of f(x)’s other songs in that album are also remakes of foreign releases. “Pinocchio” is a remake of “Razor” by Kristine Elezaj, while “Mr Boogie” is a fresh take on Nadine‘s “I Can Have You”.


4. SHINee’s “Hello”


Mohamed Ali, a Danish singer released “Holla!” in 2009. In 2012, SHINee released a Korean remake of the song, retaining the catchy beats and the repetitive “Hello, hello” lyrics. As one of the most loved songs by the boy group, international fans would delight in the English version of the song. Surprisingly, the Korean lyrics don’t stray too far from the meaning of the original English one.

5. EXO’s “Call Me Baby”


While the original singer and songwriter Dantae Johnson of the demo track never released it officially into the market, the full demo song is available on the internet, surprising as most demo leaks only last a minute or less. He had released it on his SoundCloud but it has since been taken down. Originally titled “Call Me Daddy”, perhaps its a relief that EXO adapted the tune but changed the lyrics to a much tamer version!