11 K-Pop Songs With The Most English Lyrics… Without Being Official English Releases

Some of these have few to no Korean words!

It’s not at all uncommon for there to be at least a couple of English words or phrases in K-Pop songs, especially these days — in fact, it seems pretty rare for mainstream K-Pop lyrics to not include any English at all! And then there are some songs of the genre that take it even further by having almost entirely — or in some rare cases, entirely — English lyrics, yet aren’t promoted as English releases.

Recently on Reddit, a post was created for K-Pop fans to share K-Pop songs they know that have tons of English in the lyrics, yet were never actually promoted as an English song. Here are 11 of their top answers!

1. “Change” by (G)I-DLE

2. “One (Monster & Infinity)” by SuperM

3. “Ice Cream” by BLACKPINK

4. “Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind” by Dreamcatcher

5. “Closer” by RM (ft. Paul Blanco & Mahalia)

6. “Shut Down” by BLACKPINK

7. “Ugly” by 2NE1

8. “Icon” by TWICE

9. “Wonderland” by AleXa

10. “One Day At A Time” by ATEEZ

11. “Mood” by DPR Ian

Source: Reddit
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