10 K-Pop Songs Fans Love But Their Artists Hate

They can’t stand these songs.

It may be hard to imagine idols hating their greatest hits, especially when those hits have found a place in fans’ hearts, but it happens. Here are 10 beloved songs that their artists can’t stand!


1. Super Junior – “Spy”

If there’s one group who has expressed their loathing for their own song, it’s Super Junior.

The members dislike “Spy” so much that they wanted it turned off as soon as it began to play on Super TV. Only Heechul seems happy to hear it. He danced to it, freestyle, as SHINee‘s Key sang along!


2. SHINee – “Hello” and “Ring Ding Dong”

Key may like Super Junior’s “Spy”, but the same can’t be said for these two SHINee songs.

Both songs came up while Key and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon were discussing their least favourite songs on Key’s Cheongdam KEYchen show. The reason he hated “Hello” is because it clashed with his personality, and he didn’t enjoy doing promotions for it.

Key also hated promoting one of SHINee’s most famous songs, “Ring Ding Dong”. It didn’t suit his musical tastes, and its addictive sound never left his head!


3. Girls’ Generation – “Gee”, “Hoot”, and “Lion Heart”

Taeyeon has repeatedly expressed her loathing for one of her group’s smash hits, “Gee”.

As every SONE knows by now, “Gee” just didn’t fit Taeyeon’s personality and taste. Even so, she still treasures the song because it’s an important piece of Girls’ Generation‘s history.

Taeyeon also disliked several other Girls’ Generation songs that are beloved by fans, including “Hoot”, and “Lion Heart”.


4. Block B – “Freeze”

Block B has made no secret of their hatred for their debut song “Freeze”.

They’ve discussed their intense dislike for the song and its music video on many occasions.

At the time, the members were happy to make their debut…

…but now they wish they could erase its music video from existence.

In fact, sometimes they pretend not to recognize it at all!


5. iKON – “Bling Bling”

iKONICs may love this song, but Ju-ne is a straight up anti-fan. On the talk show Life Bar, Ju-ne revealed that there was a time when he grew to dislike hip-hop and started to prefer rock music. That was around the time when “Bling Bling” came out.

He disliked “Bling Bling’s” rap-heavy sound and hip-hop vibe. He much prefers iKON‘s more recent hit, “Love Scenario”.


6. Wonder Girls – “Tell Me”

“Tell Me”, was written by Park Jin Young and became one of the biggest hits in Korea at the time of its release. Unfortunately, Sunmi wasn’t one of its fans.

Sunmi once sat down with Park Jin Young on his show, Party People, and confessed that she hated promoting “Tell Me”. She wasn’t crazy about the choreography, but she said she particularly hated her retro-styled hair in the group’s album photos!


7. miss A –  “I Don’t Need A Man”

When Suzy guest-starred on Party People, she revealed that she did not like performing “I Don’t Need A Man”.

Her reasoning for this is both surprising and amusing. Suzy said she didn’t like the song because miss A already barely had male fans at the time of its release. miss A released the song only a few years after their debut when they mostly had female fans who’d fallen in love with their strong, independent image.