The 15 K-Pop Songs With The Most First-Week Spotify Streams In 2023

They all surpassed 10 million streams!

With the increasing popularity of K-Pop, songs released by the most popular artists can get high stream and view numbers in a short period of time these days. And with Spotify being one of the most-used music streaming apps, the streaming numbers collected from it can give us a look at which K-Pop artists are performing the best at any period of time. Here are the 15 K-Pop songs that had the most streams during the first week after they were released for the first half of 2023!

15. “Super” by SEVENTEEN

Release date: April 24

First week streams: 13.84 million

Streams now: 64.00 million

14. “Moonlight Sunrise” by TWICE

Release date: January 20

First week streams: 14.41 million

Streams now: 101.6 million

13. “Bite Me” by ENHYPEN

Release date: May 22

First week streams: 14.66 million

Streams now: 36.04 million

12. “All Eyes On Me” by Jisoo

Release date: March 31

First week streams: 14.88 million

Streams now: 49.79 million

11. “S-Class” by Stray Kids

Release date: June 2

First week streams: 15.88 million

Streams now: 22.08 million

10. “The Planet” by BTS

Release date: May 12

First week streams: 17.36 million

Streams now: 44.15 million

9. “OMG” by NewJeans

Release date: January 2

First week streams: 18.54 million

Streams now: 378.4 million

8. “Like Crazy” (English Version) by Jimin

Release date: March 24

First week streams: 21.15 million

Streams now: 141.6 million

7. “VIBE” by Taeyang (ft. Jimin)

Release date: January 13

First week streams: 21.97 million

Streams now: 142.0 million

6. “People Pt.2” by Agust D & IU

Release date: April 7

First week streams: 22.40 million

Streams now: 83.64 million

5. “On The Street” by J-Hope (ft. J.Cole)

Release date: March 3

First week streams: 22.94 million

Streams now: 102.2 million

4. “Haegeum” by Agust D

Release date: April 21

First week streams: 25.22 million

Streams now: 90.01 million

3. “Like Crazy” by Jimin

Release date: March 24

First week streams: 28.46 million

Streams now: 234.3 million

2. “Set Me Free Pt.2” by Jimin

Release date: March 17

First week streams: 29.48 million

Streams now: 141.2 million

1. “Flower” by Jisoo

Release date: March 31

First week streams: 32.00 million

Streams now: 184.0 million