13 K-Pop Songs That Only The Original Artist Can Pull Off, According To Fans

No one does it like them!

While there are some K-Pop songs that fans sometimes wonder about being performed by someone other than the original artist, there are others that most people can’t imagine being performed just as well by someone else. Recently on Reddit, fans were asked to share which K-Pop songs they think no other artist other than the original would be able to pull off, and they delivered. Here are 13 of their top choices for K-Pop songs that fit this description!

1. “The Chaser” by INFINITE

2. “The 7th Sense” by NCT U

3. “The Boys” by Girls’ Generation

4. “Mirotic” by TVXQ

5. “Jopping” by SuperM

6. “A.D.T.O.Y.” by 2PM

7. “God’s Menu” by Stray Kids


9. “0x1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” by TXT

10. “Sticker” by NCT 127

11. “Lie” by Jimin

12. “INVU” by Taeyeon

13. “Aju Nice” by SEVENTEEN

Source: Reddit
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