10+ K-Pop Songs That Sound Even Better Slowed Down

Once you listen to BTS slowed down, there’s no going back.

If you feel like vibing to some relaxing music, try slowing down your favorite K-Pop song for an experience unlike any other. Check out these 10+ songs that have the amazing gift of sounding beautiful at a slower tempo for those nights you just want to chill.

1. “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)” ⁠— BTS

You might feel like you’re floating when listening to this relaxing version.

2. “Love Talk” ⁠— WayV

You have to experience “Love Talk” in a slower, groovier way at least once.

3. “High Tension” ⁠— MAMAMOO

“High Tension” becomes jazzy perfection when slowed down.

4. “More & More” ⁠— TWICE

This will have your imagination running wild and envisioning a dark concept for TWICE.

5. “Oh My God” ⁠— (G)I-DLE

If there’s one song that should make it into your slow K-Pop playlist, it’s this one.

6. “Sweet Night” ⁠— V (BTS)

If you can’t sleep, BTS V’s slow version of “Sweet Night” will sing you to sleep.

7. “Gotta Go” ⁠— Chungha

“Gotta Go” becomes catchy in a different way when slowed down.

8. “Sleepwalking” ⁠— Dreamcatcher

Play this video at .75x for a pleasant surprise.

9. “Fear” ⁠— Seventeen

Check out this vibey version of “Fear” to enjoy it at a slower pace.

10. “Run Away” ⁠— TXT

This unique way to enjoy “Run Away” will provide you with an experience so different from the original.

11. “House of Cards” ⁠— BTS

“House of Cards” somehow becomes even more sensual at a slower tempo.