The TOP 50 Most-Searched Male K-Pop Idols On YouTube In Korea This Year

It’s different than you might expect from international fans.

A few days ago, a user on popular Korean forum Pann Nate shared a look at the data for the most-searched male K-Pop idols on YouTube so far in 2024 in Korea. While there are some names that international fans would probably expect, such as BTS and SEVENTEEN members, there are some names on the list that might be more surprising, especially higher up!

From 50th to 46th place are Taerae (ZEROBASEONE), Hanbin (ZEROBASEONE), Minho (SHINee), RM (BTS), and Seunghan (RIIZE).

50th-46th place | Pann Nate

From 45th to 41st place are Onew (SHINee), Jonghyun (SHINee), Renjun (NCT DREAM), Jeno (NCT DREAM), and Taehyun (TXT).

45th-41st place | Pann Nate

From 40th to 36th place are Seungmin (Stray Kids), Woozi (SEVENTEEN), Mark (NCT), Eunseok (RIIZE), and Sohee (RIIZE).

40th-36th place | Pann Nate

From 35th to 31st place are Jin (BTS), Key (SHINee), Lee Know (Stray Kids), Juyeon (THE BOYZ), and DK (SEVENTEEN).

35th-31st place | Pann Nate

From 30th to 26th place are Beomgyu (TXT), Taeyang (BIGBANG), Soobin (TXT), Shotaro (RIIZE), and G-Dragon (BIGBANG).

30th-26th place | Pann Nate

From 25th to 21st place are Jaehyun (NCT), Taeyong (NCT), Shinyu (TWS), Hyunjin (Stray Kids), and Suga (BTS).

25th-21st place | Pann Nate

From 20th to 16th place are Mingyu (SEVENTEEN), Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN), Hoshi (SEVENTEEN), Wonbin (RIIZE), and Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN).

20th-16th place | Pann Nate

From 15th to 11th place are D.O. (EXO), Felix (Stray Kids), Taemin (SHINee), Yeonjun (TXT), and Wonwoo (SEVENTEEN).

15th-11th place | Pann Nate

From 10th to 6th place are Sungchan (RIIZE), Jimin (BTS), Anton (RIIZE), Haechan (NCT), and Doyoung (NCT).

10th-6th place | Pann Nate

And finally, from 5th to 1st place are Baekhyun (EXO), V (BTS), Changsub (BTOB), Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO), and Jungkook (BTS).

5th-1st place | Pann Nate

Did any of these placements surprise you?

Source: Pann Nate
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