These Are The Top 20 Most-Watched K-Pop Rookie Artist MVs

K-Pop rookies are doing so well these days!

Rookie groups in K-Pop tend to be pretty hit or miss, depending on how well they’re marketed and often due to how well-known their company is. The following 20 songs by rookie groups have done really well, however, with all of them having 20 million views or more. They were all released within the last year and a half, by groups that are also that age or younger! Some of them were even released just a couple months ago.

20. “BIM BAM BUM” by Rocket Punch

Released on August 7, 2019, “BIM BAM BUM” currently has 24.6 million views and 378.5k likes!

19. “Make You Happy” (Korean ver.) by NiziU

Released on July 15, 2020, “Make You Happy” (Korean ver.) currently has 27.1 million views and 454.4k likes!

18. “I Love You” by TREASURE

Released on September 18, 2020, “I Love You” currently has 28.0 million views and 1.39 million likes!

17. “Valkyrie” by ONEUS

Released on January 9, “Valkyrie” currently has 28.6 million views and 894.3k likes!

16. “Who Dis?” by Secret Number

Released on May 19, 2020, “Who Dis?” currently has 29.6 million views and 1.24 million likes!

15. “Going Crazy” by TREASURE

Released on January 29, 2020, “Going Crazy” currently has 36.3 million views and 1.04 million likes!

14. “Can’t You See Me?” by TXT

Released on May 18, 2020, “Can’t You See Me?” currently has 38.4 million views and 2.74 million likes!

13. “Boy” by TREASURE

Released on August 7, 2020, “Boy” currently has 45.4 million views and 1.87 million likes!


Released on September 21, 2020, “LA DI DA” currently has 59.0 million views and 1.17 million likes!

11. “Run Away” by TXT

Released on October 21, 2019, “Run Away” currently has 59.7 million views and 2.63 million likes!

10. “Cat & Dog” by TXT

Released on April 24, 2019, “Cat & Dog” currently has 67.0 million views and 3.19 million likes!

9. “Bon Bon Chocolat” by EVERGLOW

Released on March 18, 2019, “Bon Bon Chocolat” currently has 79.5 million views and 1.74 million likes!

8. “Flash” by X1

Released on August 27, 2019, “Flash” currently has 104.1 million views and 1.60 million likes!

7. “Not Shy” by ITZY

Released on August 17, 2020, “Not Shy” currently has 106.7 million views and 1.68 million likes!

6. “Crown” by TXT

Released on March 4, 2019, “Crown” currently has 123.0 million views and 4.69 million likes!

5. “Adios” by EVERGLOW

Released on August 19, 2019, “Adios” currently has 123.4 million views and 2.02 million likes!


Released on February 3, 2020, “DUN DUN” currently has 161.1 million views and 2.62 million likes!

3. “ICY” by ITZY

Released on July 28, 2019, “ICY” currently has 179.5 million views and 2.76 million likes!


Released on March 9, 2020, “WANNABE” currently has 219.0 million views and 3.43 million likes!


Released on February 10, 2019, “DALLA DALLA” currently has 225.0 million views and 3.09 million likes!

Congratulations to all of these powerful rookies!

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