4 Tips For Online Video Call Fansigns, Revealed By THE BOYZ

THE BOYZ revealed how to get the best experience out of your fancall.

Although in-person events are beginning to return to K-Pop, online video call fansigns seem to be showing no sign of stopping. Of course, talking to stars over a camera can be a little more tricky than communicating face-to-face. If you’re lucky enough to score a fancall with your favorite idol, here are four tips to follow—shared by idols THE BOYZ themselves in a past live broadcast.

1. Use headphones

Whether you use a laptop or a phone during your fansign call, Kevin says you’ll get the best experience by using headphones or earbuds with a microphone. New explained that it’s hard to hear fans talking when they use the built-in mic on their laptops, which is “really sad” for them as well as for the fans. Plus, the members also pointed out that fans will be able to hear the idols better with earbuds too.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong during a fancall | withdrama/YouTube

2. Hold your phone up

If you don’t have any headphones or earbuds to hand, your next-best bet is to use your phone—but remember to hold it up. THE BOYZ explained that fans usually hold their phones vertically during a video call, but smartphone microphones are typically located at the bottom of the device for calling purposes. As such, if fans hold their hands too close to the bottom of the phone or prop it up on a table, the microphone ends up blocked. To remedy this, New often asks fans to lift their phones up so they can hear everything they have to say.

TRI.BE’s Hyunbin during a fancall | withdrama/YouTube

3. Write in a notebook

shared another helpful tip: consider using a notebook or whiteboard to write your messages on. This way, if there is a connection or audio problem, you’ll be able to show your idols exactly what you want to say. This can also be helpful for fans and idols with language barriers; writing your message in advance gives you time to translate it into Korean so you can be sure it’s well-understood.

STAYC during a fancall | withdrama/YouTube

4. Be prepared for a re-do

Naturally, fancall problems are sometimes unavoidable. From bad wi-fi to unexplainable tech issues, it’s always possible that you may face problems communicating with your idol. That’s why it’s always a good idea to be prepared for a re-do. THE BOYZ explained that they often tell fans that they’ll end the session and call them back later. As much as you likely want to talk with your bias as soon as possible, the members say it’s best to wait a little longer if that means you’ll be able to communicate fully.

Weeekly’s Jaehee during a fancall | withdrama/YouTube
Source: VLIVE