Here Are K-Pop’s TOP 7 Friendliest Idols Who Seem To Know Practically Everyone

They’re all really popular among their fellow idols!

Being in an industry filled with groups, idols have lots of company to choose from! Here are 7 of the most friendliest idols, who are so extroverted, they seem to make friends in an instant wherever they go!

1) Red Velvet’s Yeri

Red Velvet‘s maknae Yeri is a known social butterfly!

After being added to the group in 2015, she became fast friends with the other members of Red Velvet, and has lots of famous friends, including but not limited to:

AKMU‘s Suhyun

Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon

Actress Kim Sae Ron

2) TWICE’s Nayeon

TWICE‘s Nayeon is an absolute cutie who no one can resist!

She’s known to be extremely close to her fellow TWICE members, and her other known close friendships are:

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and Jennie

Sowon (formerly of Sowon)

Red Velvet‘s Yeri!

3) GOT7’s Jackson

GOT7‘s Jackson has been known to have a very likable and sociable personality ever since his debut!

Along with his group members, Jackson’s close friends are:

f(x)‘s Amber

Former Super Junior member Henry


4) f(x)’s Amber

Just like Jackson, f(x)‘s Amber has a very outgoing personality!

She’s close to Jackson and all her group members, and her list of famous friends also includes:

Eric Nam


American actress Arden Cho

5) BTS’s V

BTS‘s V is a very friendly idol!

Along with his group members, V is friends with a lot of notable actors and artists such as:

Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik

Peakboy (feat. Wooga Crew)

Choi Woo Sik

6) Super Junior’s Heechul

Super Junior‘s Heechul is quite possibly the best known idol amongst all idols.

He has a humongous list of famous friends, which includes but is not limited to:

Actress Son Dam Bi

All his SM Entertainment label mates

EXID‘s Hani

7) Tiffany Young

Girls Generation‘s Tiffany Young is a very social person!

She’s close to all her group members, but is also friends with other idols like:

former SISTAR member Bora


and  BTS‘s V

Which are your favorite idol friendships?