Tiffany Reveals What She Said To BTS’s V After Their Enormous Success

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany opened up about her close friendship with V.

Girls’ Generation Tiffany and BTS‘s V are known to be close friends as some of their adorable interactions have fans shipping the cute pair!


So when she heard all about BTS’s recent historical achievements throughout the past year, she contacted him to congratulate her dear friend.

“I know V and I remember randomly coming across their interviews and their videos and I just had to congratulate him.” — Tiffany


She revealed through an interview with Billboard that she congratulated both V and his members for all that they have achieved so far.

“You know, [I said], ‘Congratulations, I hope you and your bandmates are having a blast! It’s so good to see all this happening for you.” — Tiffany


She felt like a proud older sister, seeing her younger brothers grow up from their early debut stage to their present status as global stars!

“There’s a sense of pride, in like… You know, I feel like a proud sibling because I remember introducing one of their earlier songs when they were debuting.” — Tiffany


As a senior who’s already seen global success as Girls’ Generation, Tiffany left an endearing advice for the BTS members. She told them that nothing is more important than the members who will continually be your family.

“I was talking about this with my bandmates. Your bandmates will be the only people who understand the process. Whether it’s now, three years or five years… I’ve known my bandmates for 13~14 years. 14 years later, they’re still going to be that safe space where you feel understood and I hope you guys cherish that and embrace that. I know you already are, but yeah.” — Tiffany


Not only is Tiffany excited to see all the other achievements BTS will achieve in the future but the rest of K-Pop as well!

“Congratulations, I’m excited to see what’s ahead for [BTS] and the rest of K-Pop.” — Tiffany