These Are The Doubts And Insecurities LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae Faced Throughout The Years And How She Overcame Them

She’s a strong one!

LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae was the last member to be interviewed by Weverse Magazine. Here, she opened up about a variety of topics including the various doubts and insecurities she felt throughout the years.


1. On being picked for the debut team

The first big one was when she was picked to be a member of LE SSERAFIM. She was the last to join the group after training with a completely different set of girls. Eunchae admitted that she was “under a lot of pressure” during this time period especially considering the big names she got to debut with. Sakura and Chaewon, for instance, already became household names in their previous group, IZ*ONE.

I sang that part as I recalled the time when I joined the soon-to-debut team. It’s often said that being chosen to debut is even harder than being admitted as a trainee. I was so lucky to debut with such amazing teammates, as I was often reminded, so I knew I had to do a really good job. I was under a lot of pressure and wasn’t even sure if I could do it well. But there was no turning back. And I didn’t want to just give up and go home, either.

— Eunchae

From Left to Right: Sakura, Kazuha, Chaewon, Yunjin, and Eunchae | Source Music

She resolved to work hard in order to not be a burden to the group: “So I said to myself, ‘My hands are tied then. Practice Studio 2-4—this is where I’m meant to be.'”

2. On transitioning to the maknae position

Another big change for her was shifting from being the oldest trainee to the youngest. She “felt responsibility” to act mature for her age in order to serve as a guiding light to her fellow idol aspirants.

During my trainee days, I was the eldest among the trainees for a while. Though I was much younger, I remember feeling the responsibility to be like a good elder sister. I think the other members of LE SSERAFIM might feel that way to some extent.

— Eunchae

Now, Eunchae feels more secure in the fact that she is the youngest member in the group. She emphasized that she is fortunate to receive a great deal of love from her unnies.

Now that I’m the youngest of the group, I want to be a proud and unashamed maknae that brings laughter to the team. There’s a sense of responsibility in that. I have always been surrounded by love, both at home and within the team. That’s why I want to share the happiness that comes from being loved.  I want us to have the kind of relationship where I can be happy with the other members when they’re happy and sad with them when they’re sad. I want to always be there for my teammates, in sadness and in joy.

— Eunchae

3. On her vocals

Though Eunchae is skilled espeically for her age, she sometimes feels insecure about her vocals. She admitted that she is usually not fully satisfied with her parts.

As it was my first time taking on a long vocal part in a title track, I practiced really hard with a sense of responsibility. I’ve never been 100% satisfied with my own recordings before, so this time, I wanted to surprise everyone.

— Eunchae

Due to her hard work when working on “Unforgiven”, she finally succeeded in recording something that she can be proud of. She even earned the praise of the producers for her great work.

On the recording day, I received many compliments from the producer. It’s really a special part for me.

— Eunchae

4. On making mistakes

Eunchae added that she experiences self-doubt whenever she makes mistakes. Whether this was having to redo the “On The Street” challenge with BTS‘s J-Hope or not performing her SBS Gayo Daejun stage flawlessly, it bothered her to not be perfect. Luckily, everyone she performs with is patient and this helps calm her in return.

I could’ve changed my shoes, but it was my determination that kicked in. I knew I’d have to wear all kinds of different shoes as part of the group, and giving up every time was not acceptable to me…as for SBS Gayo Daejun, I was devastated by my mistake on a meaningful stage where we incorporated our individual stories into the performance. I practiced a lot for the ‘On The Street’ challenge, but I wasn’t used to performing on a treadmill, so I couldn’t really do it right. To be honest, I’m still not perfectly satisfied with how it turned out. But thanks to J-Hope who said, ‘Should we do it one more time? I don’t mind, really,’ I was able to do it several more times. I’m really grateful.

— Eunchae


5. On being authentic

Finally, there are times when Eunchae believes she should appear more charismatic and cool than cute and energetic. It is the encouragement of her fans and members that helped her see that it is best to be her authentic self.

To be honest, sometimes I want to show only the cool, beautiful and talented sides of me. But when fans and the other members often tell me say they feel energized when they see me laugh, there’s nothing better than that. Thanks to them, I can embrace my true self without hiding and enjoy it with confidence. That’s why I think the photos where I’m bursting out laughing represent me best. If I pretend for some of it, then it’s not really all me, is it? If I can’t be completely authentic, I don’t think I can be truly happy, which inspired the phrase. While I aim to be a talented, charismatic performer on stage, I try to share my relaxed and natural moments on social media.

— Eunchae

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Source: Weverse Magazine


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