LE SSERAFIM’s MBTI Types Revealed⁠—This Is What They Mean

Here is some information on each member’s MBTI type!

LE SSERAFIM returned to their official YouTube channel to share the results of their MBTI personality tests.

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During their last video, they shared their animal MBTI types. In this video, the members answered a series of questions to determine what their actual MBTI types were. The results are below!

1. Chaewon

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Chaewon‘s personality type was revealed as ISTP. An ISTP personality type is described as having an “individualistic mindset, pursuing goals without needing much external connection.” They are usually well-rounded with many different interests, making it easy for them to make friends. In the workplace, they “thrive on diversity and unpredictability.”

Her personality type seems to be perfect for her role as the group’s leader!

2. Sakura

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Sakura‘s MBTI is INTP. People with the INTP personality type are described as “flexible thinkers who enjoy taking an unconventional approach to many aspects of life.” This was proven true when the members were asked if they would rather visit tourist locations on vacation, or go wherever their feet take them. Sakura was the only member who answered that she would prefer to go with the flow.

Her personality type looks to friends as their source of support. They’re more selective about who they are friends with, but when they do open up to people, they usually have interesting things to say. This sure sounds like Sakura, who gave thoughtful answers throughout the video. She is known for being kind and compassionate, as seen in her recent video where she kindly worked with two children to introduce them to Korean and Japanese culture and language.

For INTPs, their unique personalities can make it hard to find a job suited for them. The entertainment industry is never dull, so it seems like Sakura has found the perfect career for herself!

3. Kazuha

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Kazuha is the only member with an extroverted personality type based on her MBTI results. She has an ENFP personality type which belongs to “people who tend to embrace big ideas and actions that reflect their sense of hope and goodwill toward others.”

ENFPs are generous and caring in their friendships and are seen as energetic and cheerful by others. This was evident when the group was asked how they would react if their friend unexpectedly brought a third person along to plans the two made together. Most of the members shared that although they would be annoyed. Kazuha took a thoughtful approach and suggested maybe her friend brought the third person because they thought they would all get along well.

ENFPs often find a way to liven up the workplace, regardless of what their occupation may be. They are adaptable and like to pursue creative outlets.

4. Garam

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Garam‘s MBTI type is ISTP, like leader Chaewon! ISTPs prefer friendships that are relaxed and comfortable. They are known for being inquisitive. Garam showed this quality when asked what she would do if a friend approached her and said they bought a plant because they were sad. Instead of asking about the friend’s feelings, she hilariously responded asking what type of plant one would buy when they’re sad.

5. Eunchae

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The group’s maknae is an ISFP type, also known as an adventurer. They “tend to have open minds, approaching life, new experiences, and people with grounded warmth.” Eunchae revealed in the video that she had a more realistic worldview, showing her grounded personality.

In friendships, ISFPs are easy to get along with and like doing casual activities with friends. They’re known to be more sensitive, so it takes a little longer for them to really get close to someone.

ISFPs prefer to have the freedom to do things their own way in the workplace and usually don’t do well being micromanaged.

6. Yunjin

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Last but not least, Yunjin‘s personality type was revealed to be INFJ. INFJs “approach life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination.” INFJs usually crave deeper connections in their friendships. They prefer their friendships to be meaningful and authentic and usually don’t keep casual acquaintances.

They seek a sense of purpose in the workplace and are usually great at working in a team setting.

To see the full segment, you can view the fun clip below!

Source: 16Personalities