Learn A Move Or Two From MONSTA X’s Funky Dancing Ads For TONY MOLY

One, two, step. One, two, step.

MONSTA X have been endorsing the South Korean cosmetic brand since 2018. While fans have long appreciated all the promotional content flaunting the members’ gorgeousness, the brand’s latest series of video advertisements really won over Monbebes’ hearts. In these replay-worthy 30-second clips, each MONSTA X member shows off his freshest dance moves. Some are quirky, some are actually lit – but all of them are bound to make Monbebes UWU.


1. Shownu

Shownu‘s moves are more on the choreographed side. He threw in some complex feet work and made the whole thing flow well. Monbebes especially like the fact that he almost lost his balance, but managed to connect that momentum right into his next move!


2. Wonho

Wonho‘s dance is simply adorable. From the beginning to the end, Wonho seems almost shy to be dancing alone – and this “Baby Wonho” side is making Monbebes swoon over him. His quirky “Finger Pointing” and “Hula” dances resemble those of Crayon Shinchan‘s and fans absolutely love it.


3. Minhyuk

Minhyuk‘s moves use a lot of hip – and Monbebes love that. While the dance itself is cute and silly, there is something about Minhyuk’s physique that makes this video visually pleasing and even sexy! Minhyuk’s precious smile at his own choreography only adds to the overall bubbly-fun vibe of this clip.


4. I.M

I.M really got down to business in this video. He showed off his extra long legs by getting the most use out of them. Extra squirmy in style, I.M’s dance routine is more like a full body workout – if any Monbebe is looking to squeeze in a quick cardio.


5. Hyungwon

Hyungwon‘s moves are like “Dad Moves”, so to speak – and oh, how Monbebes dig the quirkiness in this clip. While Hyungwon’s physique captured in the video is nowhere near the dad-bod type, his moves are totally old school.


6. Kihyun

Kihyun‘s dance is simple but stylish – kind of like Kihyun’s general image. He’s a clean-cut guy who can turn the most basic things into the hottest trends – and his moves are exactly like that. There aren’t large movements or difficult steps, but everything about the choreography is trendy and funky fresh. Monbebes love the hipster vibe they get from this video.


7. Joohoney

Joohoney is the definition of “duality” in his video. At first, he charmed Monbebes by being a major tease. Then he busted out his best moves and turned into a disco king. He’s both the quiet and mysterious wallflower AND the loud and proud spotlight hoarder. And it is this best-of-both-world deal that keeps his fans unable to resist him.


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