Lee Seung Gi Takes A Look At All His Past K-Drama Roles And Reveals His Honest Opinions About Them

Lee Seung Gi also shares his most memorable K-Drama role.

Lee Seung Gi has been an actor for over a decade and has been involved in many famous K-Dramas.

During an interview with The Swoon, Lee Seung Gi took a quick look back at all his acting roles and described them using the first word that came to his mind.

1. Shining Inheritance 

The first word that Lee Seung Gi thinks of when it comes to Shining Inheritance is ox bone soup.

Lee Seung Gi even remembers that the sales of ox bone soup went up during the time the drama was airing.

2. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho

Lee Seung Gi thinks of this drama like soda, as it was a refreshing time for him.

3. The King 2 Hearts 

During The King 2 Hearts, Lee Seung Gi was constantly wearing a royal uniform due to his role, which made him think of the word “king”.

Lee Seung Gi also remembers being quite happy when he was filming The King 2 Hearts due to his role.

4. Gu Family Book

At first, Lee Seung Gi thought of his character’s traits, as they were quite complex.

However, he changed his answer once he realized that Suzy was his costar on Gu Family Book.

5. You’re All Surrounded

This drama reminds Lee Seung Gi of the word “youth”, as it was one of the last K-Dramas he filmed in his 20s.

6. A Korean Odyssey 

Lee Seung Gi is reminded of the character he played in this drama, as his role was a lot different when compared to his past ones.

7.  Vagabond 

The word “action” comes to mind when Lee Seung Gi thinks of Vagabond.

Lee Seung Gi also has a newfound appreciation for actors in action projects, as he now understands how difficult they are to film.

Lee Seung Gi also shared some more during his interview. He revealed that his role in The King 2 Hearts is probably his favorite, as he views it as a turning point in his acting career.

When asked what character he relates to the most, he reveals that it’s his character from A Korean Odyssey.

Lee Seung Gi also revealed that Vagabond was probably the hardest K-Drama he’s filmed due to all the action scenes.

Lee Seung Gi also shared some future roles he wishes to try.

There’s more in the full video below!

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