Legendary Moments Caught On Camera That Made These Female Idols’ Careers

These moments are truly legendary.

Many idols have make-or-break moments that boost them into the spotlight for one reason or another, whether it be positive or negative attention. Some unforgettable moments in the K-Pop industry have imprinted the below female idols in the hearts and minds of the public forevermore!


1. Wonder Girls’ Ahn Sohee

This moment, filmed as part of MTV’s My Wonder Girls during the girls’ debut in 2008, gave the young Sohee the rather unforgettable nickname “dumpling” because of her round face.

For years after, she was referred to by the name. She later revealed that she had hated it but fans loved her chubby cheeks and thought it made her look healthy! Although over the years she has lost the cherub cheeks, she will forever be remembered by the nickname.


2. Suzy

Suzy appeared on an episode of Running Man in 2012 when she was still a member of miss A and, with this cheezy smile, forever cemented her position as the nation’s sweetheart.

She is well-known as a down-to-earth and kind person, and this cute moment combined with her stunning visuals made her known forevermore as “flower girl Suzy.”


3. HyunA

While HyunA was a popular member of group 4MINUTE, her solo career really took off during her Bubble Pop tour in 2011. She wore a memorable rose-print dress, but it was her sexy dance moves that pushed her far into the spotlight—and she hasn’t been moved from there since.

She’s come to be known as the “rose knife” after a popular Korean infomercial on TV at the time that said it was the most badass knife in existence and could “cut down almost anything in one slice.”


4. Girls Day’s Hyeri

In 2014, Hyeri took part in the army show Real Men. When it was time to say goodbye, she became teary-eyed while saying farewell to the male officer known as the Terminator. She displayed an impressive aegyo that catapulted her image as the most popular member in Girl’s Day.

Hyeri has since been associated with the sound she made when shaking the officer’s hand and, of course, aegyo.

Adorable aegyo alert @ 2:55!


5. EXID’s Hani

Hani was made famous due to a moment caught on fancam during the EXID’s performance of “Up Down” in 2014.

In the chorus, the choreography involves some rocking hip action and Hani took it to a whole new level, skyrocketing her popularity in the process. The fancam has been viewed more than 20 million times on Youtube.


6. Apink’s Naeun

Naeun’s preference for Adidas leggings has been well documented but it was the way she rocked them that first caught the public’s eye.

She started a new fashion trend in 2015 when she wore them in the practice videos for “LUV” and “Remember”.


7. TWICE‘s Sana

When Sana appeared on an episode of Knowing Bros in 2017, she participated in a version of Chinese whispers involving noise cancelling headphones.

She captured hearts with her cute ageyo pronunciation of the intended words “cheese kimbab” and is now synonymous with cheese kimbab!

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