These Are The Line Distributions Of All 14 Of BLACKPINK’s Songs… And Who Gets The Most & Least Lines

With only four members, surely their lines should be somewhat even?

In a K-Pop group, logically it seems like the fewer members a group has, the more likely they are to have an equal amount of lines. When it comes to BLACKPINK, since they have just 4 extremely talented members, their lines should be totally even, right? Below is a list of the line distributions of all of BLACKPINK’s current discography, as well as the total percentages of lines that each member has from their debut until now. Check it out below!

1. “Whistle”

2. “Boombayah”

3. “Playing With Fire”

4. “Stay”

5. “Kiss and Make Up”

6. “As If It’s Your Last”


8. “Forever Young”

9. “Really”

10. “See U Later”

11. “Kill This Love”

12. “Don’t Know What To Do”

13. “Kick It”

14. “Hope Not”