Here Are 8 Male Idols With The Cutest Up-Turned Lip Corners

#6 is legendary for this!

This is the cutest thing you never knew existed. Check out these 8 adorable male idols who all share the common trait of mouth corners that curl up at the ends!

1. Johnny (NCT)

It’s a beauty trend to get fillers to create this look, but Johnny has it naturally!


2. Jungkook (BTS)

Jungkook’s pouty lip shape is totally adorable and gives him a baby face.


3. Jaemin (NCT)

Once you notice the cute corners of Jaemin’s mouth, you can’t unsee it!


4. Hyungwon (MONSTA X)

In addition to beautiful full lips, Hyungwon’s mouth curls upwards at the ends.


5. Joshua (SEVENTEEN)

Joshua has picturesque lip corners.

6. Chen (EXO)

Chen is known for his adorable mouth shape.


7. Wonho

Wonho’s pretty lip shape is even cuter when you realize that, even with a straight face, he’s in a constant state of smiling.


8. Jangjun (Golden Child)

Jangjun is even more charming when you notice he has the cute feature, too!