10 Things You Might Not Have Noticed In BLACKPINK Lisa’s “LALISA” MV Teaser

#3 proves her power!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently released a teaser for the music video of “LALISA,” her upcoming single. Despite being only a few seconds, the teaser is littered with secret meanings and hidden details! Check out 10 things you might have missed below.

1. The name of Lisa’s newest cat “Lego” makes an appearance!

2. I spy dancer Leejung in the background.

3. Global languages for a global icon!

4. The combination of all of these aesthetics will be deadly for BLINKs. 🔥

5. Pre-debut Lisa, is that you?

6. Could it be an homage to Thailand?

7. Maybe she already gave us a spoiler.

8. These Bratz doll-like boots are iconic!

9. Is there something connecting them?

10. Her evolution is insane!

Check out the full teaser below!