5+ Little Known Facts About TWICE’s J-Line, As Revealed By An Insider

If you knew these things, you’re a hardcore ONCE!

Back in 2018, a former Japanese JYP Entertainment trainee spilled all the tea on TWICE. While she shared a lot of great secrets, it was awesome learning more about the group’s J-Line from an insider who knew them well!

Despite how long these “secrets” have been out, only true ONCEs would know them!

1. The J-Line were already friends

Before debuting in TWICE, the J-Line were already close friends.

2. Sana isn’t afraid to share her feelings

While Mina and Momo kept to themselves when they were angry, Sana wasn’t afraid to let everyone know when she was upset.

3. Visuals of the Japanese team

Mina and Sana were considered the visuals of the Japanese team during their time are trainees.

4. Mina has always been humble

Despite knowing how pretty she is, Mina never acted arrogantly, even during her trainee days.

5. Momo isn’t afraid to be herself

… In fact, she’s so comfortable that she even farted in front of other JYP trainees!

6. Mina was always popular

It was revealed that Min was popular among male trainees and would smile when they would compliment her and called her pretty.

7. Momo is young at heart

Momo is (and was, even during trainee days) the oldest member on the J-Line, however, she has the most innocent, child-like personality.

Did you know these things about TWICE’s J-Line? If you did, you must be a hardcore ONCE!

Source: Koreaboo