Filipina Actress Liza Soberano Is Living The K-Pop Fangirl Dream—Here Are The A-List Idols She Collaborated With


If God has favorites, then Filipino actress Liza Soberano would be one of them! The entertainer has proven throughout the years that she’s one of the luckiest K-Pop fans ever.

Liza Soberano | @MOAArena/Twitter

She has interacted many times with popular Korean celebrities, the most recent one being WINNER‘s Seunghoon (also known as HOONY), a rising idol-TikTok star.

On July 25, the latter posted a video of him asking her, “What song are you listening to?”

Liza turned around and said, “I love you,” in reference to WINNER’s recent title track, “I LOVE U.”

He reacted with a star-struck expression before she walked away while dancing the “I LOVE U” point choreography.

Besides Seunghoon, Liza also appeared in the TikTok account of iKON‘s Donghyuk (also known as DK) after being spotted entering the YG Entertainment building with fellow Filipino actor James Reid. Two videos featuring her and the iKON main dancer were uploaded, and they quickly raked in over one million views each.


with @lizasoberano ✌️thank you

♬ Leoauf – 𝑳𝑬𝑶𝑨𝑼𝑭


@lizasoberano 👍🏻 dc: @아이키 Aiki

♬ Go Girl – Pitbull

Liza thanked DK in the comments section of the “Go Girl” cover for teaching her the dance. DK commented a thumbs up and smiling emoji in response.

Another high profile collaboration of hers was with rapper Jay Park. She joined him for the dance challenge of the latter’s newest title track, “Need To Know.”

Jay Park complimented her in the caption of the video, saying, “Been killing game for so long but still so young!! Thank you!!” while Liza replied in the comments section, “Had such a great time getting to know you.”

Though not quite a collaboration, Liza also met GOT7‘s BamBam last July 22 and snapped a picture together with mutual friends.

| @porksterr/Instagram

Finally, she became a one-in-a-million fangirl when BLACKPINK‘s Jennie winked at her from the Coachella stage last 2019.

Read more about it below.

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