Let’s Take A Look At 7 Stars Who Want To Get Married ASAP

#3 is only 21!

Finding your life long partner is always an exciting part of anyone’s life but let’s be real, some are more ready than others. So here are 7 stars who just can’t wait to find their “forever” person and get married ASAP!

1. Jung Chaeyeon (DIA)

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To kick start off our list, we have the beautiful DIA member, Jung Chaeyeon. Back in 2016, the girl group member featured on tvN‘s Eat, Sleep, Eat and it was here that she revealed her desires for marriage. “Ever since I was young, my dream has always been to get married fast.” The former I.O.I member adorably shared, however, that her company MBK Entertainment is against it. “Unfortunately, my label tells me that I can’t do that yet.” She may only be 23 years old, but she seems ready to find her lifelong partner!

2. Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)

Next up we have the one and only face genius, ASTRO member Cha Eunwoo. The True Beauty star previously made headlines for shedding tears after talking about marriage. It was on that very Master of the House episode that he shared his deep desires to get married. “I would like to get married fast.” He shared why he felt this way on the show by revealing his deep reasoning behind it. “When you get married, you find someone who will know everything about you. You gain someone to be on your side.” While we appreciate his vulnerability, we can already hear the sound of hearts breaking at the thought of Cha Eunwoo’s future marriage!

3. Somi

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Next up we have The Black Label artist, Somi. Although she may only be 21 years old, the “Birthday” singer revealed her thoughts about marriage, surprising her fans. Back in 2019 on SBS‘s Law of the Jungle, the former I.O.I member shared her future marriage desires to her fellow cast mates. “I want to get married fast. I want to get married and live a stable, happy life.” She took it a step further by sharing her ideal age at which she would like to get married. “I would like to get married when I’m 27.” Oh dear Somi, you still have so much time ahead of you!

4. Suzy

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Actress Suzy comes in at number 4 on this list. In 2014, Suzy was a guest on SBS’s Midnight TV Entertainment where she revealed her marriage wishes. “It’d be nice to get married fast.” She continued to share why she wants to get married soon. “I want the age difference between my future child and myself to be small so that’s why I want to get married soon.” The Start-Up actress also revealed the plans she wants to do with her future child. “I want to travel to fun places and share conversations, I think that would be nice.” She concluded her marriage interview by sharing what kind of wife she would be. “Like I have always done until now, I will work hard and do my best in my future marriage.”

5. Actress Jeon Jong Seo

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Actress Jeon Jong Seo is next up on our list. The Burning actress made a guest appearance on an episode of JTBC variety program, Knowing Brothers where she also shared her personal desires about marriage. The 26 year old actress truthfully shared, “My priority in my life is my happiness so that’s why I want to get married as soon as possible.” She continued her confession by revealing that her parents are a big reason why she wants to get married as soon as possible. “I grew up watching my parents live happily together.” We love that she prioritizes herself! Her honesty is truly refreshing.

6. Eunkwang (BTOB)

Next up, we have the talented BTOB member, Eunkwang. Back in 2018, the idol member revealed on MBN‘s Real Life Men and Women why he wants to get married fast. “I want to be a young dad.” He continued by sharing, “I think once my heart decides I want to get married, I will get married as soon as possible. I want to get married fast.” This was said before he served his mandatory military service, but it was on this show that the idol member had mapped out his life. “I will be over 30 years old once I return from the military. Once I start my promotions again after my return, I will be in my mid-30’s. I think I’ll want to get married quickly then.” 

7. Trot Singer Lim Young Woong

Last up on our list is trot singer, Lim Young Woong. The 29 year old singer also shared with the netizens of Korea his desires to get married quickly. On TV Chosun‘s PPONG School, the singer shared that after he met up with soccer player Lee Dong Gook and his entire family, his desires of marriage grew. “I would also like to have many children once I get married.” He also shared why he believes he will be a good father to his children. “I grew up with a single mom so ever since I was younger, I have always desired to be a good father.” We can totally see the singer being a wonderful husband and father!

Source: Insight