A Look Back At BTS’s Fashion Through The Eras

How the wardrobe has changed.

The boys of BTS have gone through numerous concepts through the years, and with each change in concept comes a new wardrobe. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and check out their clothing through the years.

1. “No More Dream” Era

When the boys first debuted, they relied very strongly on their hip-hop influences. They were usually in baggy sweaters and shirts. For pants, they would be in joggers. Their stylists didn’t forget to give them flashy accessories, sporting gold jewelry, sunglasses, and even bandanas. They would almost always wear black and white.

2. “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2” Era

For this era, the boys moved away from the black and whites and added a new color: bronze. The boys were still sticking with their hip-hop roots and continued to wear baggy shirts and sweaters. They also continued wearing joggers but would also sport basketball shorts from time to time. The accessories? Still alive and well.

3. “N.O” Era

For this era, the stylists forget black altogether and stuck with an all-white look. They still rocked their gold accessories and RM still has his shades. The boys are still seen in their sweaters but their clothes are slowly becoming more fitted. For pants, they are seen wearing white baggy pants, some are seen with white basketball shorts with white tight pants underneath. This whole era was quite, er, bright.

4. “Boy in Luv” Era

For this era, the boys are transformed into bad boy students. They rock a school uniform, wearing slacks and blazers. In the music video, they are seen in white long-sleeves with black ties. In promotional shoots, the are seen in casual graphic shirts with a blazer. Some of them have chains around their belt loops or belts. They are all sporting sneakers, mostly Vans.

5. “Just One Day” Era

For this era, they are now nice guy students. They wear grey pants and sport white shirts and ties, wearing cardigans over it. They’ve totally transformed from their last bad boy look! They are still sporting sneakers.

6. “Danger” Era

They’ve returned to their black and golds for this comeback. This time, however, the boys are sporting a lot of leather. Leather pants, leather jackets, leather vests. It’s a whole lot of leather. They are sporting their gold chains once more and can be seen in caps and sneakers, leaning back to their hip-hop roots.

7. “War of Hormone” Era

There is more variety in the styles starting from this point, but there is definite color palette: red, blue, black, and white. Their looks is more youthful and gives off a troublemaker vibe – which suits “War or Hormone” perfectly. They wear a lot of tattered clothing or mismatched pieces and even have fluffy and messy hair to help bring out the concept more.

8. “I Need U” Era

The boys are seen with very interesting, individual pieces. They have deviated from their original hip-hop concepts and are slowly diving into more pop music. They are seen wearing bright, casual pieces that suit the spring and bring out their boyish charms.

9. “Dope” Era

The concept for BTS’s “Dope” was them in different jobs, and they dressed accordingly. RM is a hotel porter, Jin is a pediatrician, Suga is a military sergeant, J-Hope is a race car driver, Jimin is an office employee, V is a private detective, and Jungkook is a police officer. Doesn’t V look kinda like Detective Conan?

10. “Run” Era

The boys have a more teenage youth vibe, with Doc Marten boots and graphic tees. Some boys sport colorful jackets while others rocked the suspenders. They really embrace their youthful concept.

11. “Epilogue: Young Forever” Era

The boys sports shorts and colorful shirts, some even wearing knee-high socks. They look like boys yet are so mature, they truly embrace their “Young Forever” concept.

12. “Fire” Era

For “Fire” the boys are spotted wearing floral shirts and bright colored jackets with black skinny jeans. They appear ready for the heat and the fire of the summer and are ready to blaze a trail.

13. “Save Me” Era

The boys went back to their dark colors for this comeback. Sticking with their white, blacks, and greys, they truly showed off the feeling on loneliness and longing even with their clothes.

14. “Blood, Sweat & Tears” Era

The boys are fancy for “Blood, Sweat & Tears”. Rocking blazers and pants, they each had individual styles but one thing is for sure: they all shined. Literally. They were bejeweled this come back and they totally rocked it.

15. “Spring Day” Era

For “Spring Day”, the boys have gone back to their youthful spirits and are wearing more colorful clothes. They wear long-sleeves as if to reference the cold of the winter but also wear shorts to signal the coming of summer.

16. “Not Today” Era

For “Not Today”, the boys have shifted to a more hip-hop look once again, though a more modern version of hip-hop. They wear bright shirts and sweaters and layer it with jackets, rocking black jeans. Some of the boys also wear caps and bandanas.

17. “DNA” Era

To suit the bright concept of “DNA”, the boys of BTS sported bright, colorful, vibrant clothing! They mostly focused on bright yellows and pastel blues, but also sport rainbow clothing and red and whites. It’s a complete 180 from their debut era. The stylist has allowed color to enter their wardrobe.

18. “Fake Love” Era

The boys are still wearing bright colors, but have muted it down to more pastels. They have more focus on baby blues. In this era, they shifted between pastels to black and browns, showing the feelings of a “FAKE LOVE”.

19. “Idol” Era

The boys are in flashy, colorful, patterned suits for this comeback. They’re not afraid to catch eyes (and wigs) in this comeback, and their colorful clothing definitely suits the high energy song.

20. “Boy With Luv” Era

For “Boy With Luv” the boys rocked suits once more; some in black, some in white, some in pink! In the music video, the boys also showed off an all-pink suit ensemble as well as casual clothing. Kings of versatile, if I do say so myself.