1 Year Later: Take A Look Back On SHINee Taemin’s “Advice” Era

We’ll never be over this era!

Can you believe it’s already been a year since SHINee Taemin‘s Advice mini album was released?

SHINee’s Taemin | @lm_ltm/Instagram

Let’s relive this iconic era together!

1. When he played “Advice” for the first time

Taemin wowed Shawols with a performance of “Advice” during his online concert before the mini album came out, and the performance got fans even more excited for the “Advice” era!

2. Still screaming over his long hair

Taemin has rocked long hair many times throughout his career, but there’s something special about his “Advice” hair!

3. Who can forget the viral Supreme outfit?

Taemin broke the internet when he appeared in this matching set in the “Advice” music video!

4. Still manifesting an “If I Could Tell You” music video

This album’s B-sides are just too good!

5. The lyrics are so meaningful AND catchy

If you ever need a reminder to follow your own path, just put on “Advice!”

6. Every performance from this era was legendary

From his entrances to his performances, Taemin over-delivered on every music show he performed on!

7. Outstanding fashion moments

Every outfit from this era was unique and memorable in its own way! We especially love this matching set.

8. He’s the total package

“Advice” proved once and for all that Taemin is just as good at singing as he is at dancing. He sang “Advice” in its original key, which was no easy feat considering it was written in a key most appropriate for female singers!



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