A Look At All The Schools Each Of The BTS Members Have Graduated From

Only one of them attended the well-known SOPA!

Before BTS entered BigHit Entertainment and got famous, they perhaps weren’t so different from you and me. All of them attended humble elementary and middle schools in their various hometowns, until high school where a few transferred into arts schools. Here’s a look at the various schools attended by the members of BTS.

1. RM

RM attended Baeksin Elementary School in Gyeonggi-do in Goyang city.

It wasn’t long before he had to transfer though, and he attended Oma Elementary in a different neighbourhood until graduation.

He studied in Sinil Middle School in Goyang city as well. Goyang city, Gyunggi-do is an area just on the outskirts of Seoul.

He attended Ilsan Daejin High School in Gyunggi-do until he later transferred to Apgujeong High School in Gangnam, Seoul, as depicted in the photograph below. Other notable alumni include NCT‘s Jaehyun, until he transferred out to School Of Performing Arts High (SOPA). RM seemed to have moved quite a bit in his childhood!

2. Jin

Jin attended Gwanmoon Elementary School in Gyunggi-do, in Gwacheon city.

It seems his family moved up to Seoul later on, as he transferred to Seoul Seryun Elementary.

He must’ve stayed in the Songpa district in Seoul as he attended Bosung Middle School later on.

He attended Bosung High School subsequently.

3. Suga

Suga attended Daegu Taejeon Elementary School in his hometown of Daegu.

He went to Gwanum Middle School, followed by Kangbuk High School as in the photo below. Seems like he did not move around much.

Later on after he became a trainee, he transferred to the same school as RM, Apgujeong High School.

4. J-Hope

J-Hope attended Seoil Elementary School in Gwangju, his hometown.

Later on he attended Ilgok Middle School in the same area.

He later attended the Gukje High School in Gwangju.

5. Jimin

Jimin attended Hwidong Elementary School in Busan – sadly, the school has since closed.

He then attended Yunsan Middle School, another school that ended up closing its doors.

He then attended Busan Arts High, where many of the teachers have spoken fondly about him here.

After he moved up to Seoul to pursue his dreams, he attended Hankuk Performing Arts High, but the school has since closed down.

6. V

V attended the Daegu Daesung Elementary School for awhile until he transferred out.

His family moved from Daegu to Gyungnam, and he attended the Changnam Elementary School there.

He then attended Geochang Middle School.

For awhile, he was in Daegu Jeil High School as his family moved back to Daegu.

Upon becoming a trainee, he moved up to Seoul and attended Hankuk Performing Arts High with Jimin.

7. Jungkook

The maknae attended school in Busan as well – Baekyang Elementary.

He attended Baekyang Middle School too for awhile until he had to move up to Seoul to become a trainee.

He attended Shingu Middle School in Sinsadong, Gangnam.

Finally, for high school, he graduated from the well-known SOPA!

Although many fans would be curious to get a glimpse of the members’ old stomping grounds, do remember that the schools are unaccessible to the public and to not engage in trespassing!

Source: theqoo