A Look At How Fair VIXX’s Line Distribution Is For Their 16 Main Singles

Are VIXX’s line distributions as startling as some of their concepts?

VIXX might not be as active a group as they used to be, with some of their members doing their military service and others working on solo projects, but they’re still an iconic old group that deserves to be recognized! They have a fairly extensive discography that can be examined to see how even their line distribution has been over the years since their debut. Check out the graphs below to see who ended up with the most and least lines per song, as well as the total line distribution for all 16 of their main singles.

1. “Super Hero”

2. “Rock Ur Body”

3. “On and On”

4. “Hyde”

5. “G.R.8.U”

6. “Only U”

7. “Voodoo Doll”

8. “Eternity”

9. “Error”

10. “Love Equation”

11. “Chained Up”

12. “Dynamite”

13. “Fantasy”

14. “The Closer”

15. “Shangri La”

16. “Scentist”