A Look Into The 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics Athlete’s Village From The Inside

Olympic athletes show off the best parts of staying at the Pyeongchang Olympic Village during their 2018 games!

1. This set of Olympic Rings in the village has become the hottest photo zone ever!

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2. So has the Soohorang statue, the white tiger mascot for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

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3. The PyeongChang Olympic Village offers decorative items, such as the Olympic comforter, that they can take home after the games!

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4. Athletes in the Olympic Village even get the full K-Beauty treatment through a hair and nail salon for those who wish to look tip top for their games.

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5. The recreation center has massage chairs, TVs, and game tables, so the athletes can wind down and watch each other’s competitions.


6. The recreation center is also where a lot of socializing happens and athletes take pictures with each other for good times and memories!

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7. Of course, the village has a gym for working out and training with all the latest gears!

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8. A top of the line cafeteria with food from around the world for the athletes to enjoy!


9. And of course, a really, really extra McDonald’s for nugget nights.

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Korea Has The Most Bizarre Looking McDonalds You’ve Ever Seen


Athletes have been posting videos of the insider’s look into the PyeongChang Olympic Village. Check out the first-hand experiences through their videos below:


Source: Naver Blog

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