The Meaning Of Each Of The Flowers In LOONA’s “Flip That” Teaser Images

Are you ready for this floral summer comeback?

On June 4, LOONA announced the upcoming release of their summer special mini album, titled Flip That.

Promotional poster for Flip That | @loonatheworld/Instagram

The concept photos for each member, uploaded to the group’s Instagram page, highlight a different type of flower and color. As flowers have various symbolisms in many cultures, here are the meanings of each flower used in the Flip That promotions.

1. Full group

For the first set of their promotional images, the LOONA members stood together and held hands around a wisteria tree. Wisteria is known for its longevity, as it can live up to hundreds of years, and symbolizes longevity.

Flip That Instagram grid image | @loonatheworld/Instagram

2. Heejin, Hyunjin, and Haseul

Instead of posing with one specific type of flower, Heejin, Hyunjin, and Haseul were surrounded by a variety of flowers in their pictures.

| @loonatheworld/Instagram

The blend of red, pink, white, blue, and orange flowers symbolize courage, happiness, innocence, openness, and excitement respectively.

| @loonatheworld/Instagram

Perhaps the meaning of this color arrangement is a prediction for vibe of the Flip That song lineup!

| @loonatheworld/Instagram

3. Yeojin

In this picture Yeojin adorned sweet alyssum flowers in her hair, which symbolize calmness.

| @loonatheworld/Instagram

4. ViVi

ViVi‘s branch of yellow forsythia flowers represent anticipation towards warm sunshine. 

| @loonatheworld/Instagram

5. Kim Lip

Matching her ombre pink hair, the singular pink rose in Kim Lip‘s hands represent sweetness and grace.

| @loonatheworld/Instagram

6. Jinsoul

Jinsoul held a branch of light purple daffodils, symbolizing new beginnings, and one violet chrysanthemum, which represents a wish for healing and care.

| @loonatheworld/Instagram

7. Choerry

In this photo, Choerry held a striking red and orange garden mum. Garden mums have numerous meanings across the world, including rebirth in Asia, sympathy in Europe, and joy in North America.

| @loonatheworld/Instagram

8. Yves

Orange tiger lilies represent pride and confidence, which paired well with Yves‘ bright hair and makeup.

| @loonatheworld/Instagram

9. Chuu

In contrast with her white dress, Chuu posed with a large red peony across her knee, which symbolizes love, passion, honor and respect.

| @loonatheworld/Instagram

10. Go Won

While Yves’ orange tiger lilies have a bold presence, the white tiger lilies that Go Won held symbolizes friendship. In addition, her orange chrysanthemum represents the feelings of delicate love.

| @loonatheworld/Instagram

11. Olivia Hye

Instead of holding a flower, Olivia Hye pointed to a white rose, which represents loyalty. In addition, the plethora of deep pink flowers in the background represent gentleness.

| @loonatheworld/Instagram

Flip That is set to be released on June 20 at 6 PM KST.

Flip That text logo | @loonatheworld/Instagram
Source: Instagram