The Ultimate Summer Playlist, According To LOONA

Four members recommended LOONA tracks that are perfect for summer!

LOONA has recently made a summer comeback with their mini album Flip That.

Fans are loving the fresh, upbeat concept.

And are enjoying the music video’s implications for LOONA’s lore.

In a promotional video with Melon, LOONA each shared their personal recommendations for a summer music playlist.

1. Heejin

Heejin recommended the first song, Khalid and Disclosure‘s “Talk.”

Heejin | Melon/Youtube 

2. Hyunjin

Hyunjin summer song recommendation is GFRIEND‘s “Sunny Summer.”

Hyunjin | Melon/Youtube 

3. Haseul

Haseul‘s recommendation for a song is one of LOONA’s other title tracks, “So What.”

Haseul | Melon/Youtube 

4. Yeojin

Yeojin‘s summer song recommendation is f(x)‘s song featuring EXO‘s D.O., “Goodbye Summer.”

Yeojin | Melon/Youtube 

5. Vivi

Vivi‘s recommendation is Hyolyn and Dasom‘s “Summer or Summer.”

Vivi | Melon/Youtube 

6. Kim Lip

Kim Lip‘s summer song recommendation is LOONA’s track “StarSeed ~Kakusei~.”

Kim Lip | Melon/Youtube 

7. JinSoul

JinSoul also recommended a LOONA song for a summer playlist, suggesting “Girl Front.”

JinSoul | Melon/Youtube 

8. Choerry

Choerry‘s summer song recommendation is Apink‘s “Remember.”

Choerry | Melon/Youtube 

9. Yves

Yves‘ recommendation for a summer song is SHINee‘s “View.”

Yves | Melon/Youtube 

10. Chuu

Chuu‘s summer song recommendation is Chungha‘s “Chica.”

Chuu | Melon/Youtube 

11. Go Won

Go Won also recommended a LOONA song, suggesting “Hula Hoop.”

Go Won | Melon/Youtube 

12. Olivia Hye

Olivia Hye‘s summer song recommendation is Triple H‘s “365 FRESH.”

Olivia Hye | Melon/Youtube 

And, of course, fans should also definitely add “Flip That” to their summer music playlists.

Source: Melon