LOONA Share Their Favorite Emojis And Honestly They Fit The Members So Well

The LOONA group chat must be full of emojis!

In a new video with Cosmopolitan, the members of LOONA played charades with emojis. They also shared which ones are their current favorites and which ones they last used! Here’s what 7 of the members had to say.

The 12 members of LOONA. | Cosmopolitan/YouTube 

1. Choerry

Choerry said her favorite emoji is the one that has blush on its cheeks! She even acted it out and looked so adorable.

| Cosmopolitan/YouTube 

2. Jinsoul

Jinsoul’s favorite emoji is the woozy face with uneven eyes and a wavy mouth. She described the emoji as “greasy!”

| Cosmopolitan/YouTube 

3. Kim Lip

Kim Lip loves the one with its eyes rolling backwards, and Chuu said that’s her favorite too!

| Cosmopolitan/YouTube 

Kim Lip is also a fan of the puppy eyes emoji that’s super popular online.

| Cosmopolitan/YouTube 

4. Yves

Yves chose the drooling emoji as her current favorite! All the members agreed that they like that one, including Jin Soul.

| Cosmopolitan/YouTube 

5. Yeojin

Yeojin said she really likes the crying emoji! She even named it as her most used emoticon.

| Cosmopolitan/YouTube 

For her most recently used emoji, she said it was the cherry. She gestured to Choerry when she said so, and it was so cute!

| Cosmopolitan/YouTube 

6. HaSeul

HaSeul’s last used emoji is the thinking face! I wonder what she used it about… 🤔

| Cosmopolitan/YouTube 

7. ViVi

ViVi said her most used emoji is the red heart!

| Cosmopolitan/YouTube 

However, Heejin said that she’s never seen ViVi use the red heart. Yves jokingly said that ViVi must use it but not with the members!

| Cosmopolitan/YouTube 

Check out the full video below to see the members play a hilarious game of charades!

Source: Cosmopolitan