3 Things That Made Filming The “Love Wins All” MV Almost Unbearable For IU And BTS’s V

They had a hard time…

IU and BTS‘s V went viral due to their incredible performance in the former’s music video for “Love Wins All.” Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the couple ran from a sinister cube and sought refuge in an abandoned building.

Just like the concept itself, it was not easy to shoot the music video.

Check out some of the toughest aspects of filming that they faced below.

1. Endless Running

First up, hours of the shoot was dedicated to running around. Both outside in the forest…

…and inside an abandoned building, they continuously worked up a sweat.

According to the editors of “IU TV,” the two were running around for seven hours long!

2. Cold Weather

To make matters worse, IU and V had to run outside in thin clothing when it was the middle of winter. Filmed at the start of December, it even reached negative temperatures. They needed to jump up and down to warm their bodies as much as possible.

After they finished shooting, the two took a quick photo outside in just their wedding attire. It was so cold, IU couldn’t open her mouth to give a short closing comment.

3. Illness

Finally, filming was made even more difficult due to the poor health that IU was in at the time. Not only did she have to run for hours on end in freezing temperatures, but she also had to do so while sick.

She caught the flu in the middle of filming, making breathing after the numerous hours of running even tougher.

She even injured herself on set towards the end, with scratches appearing on the back of her hand.

In spite of the hardships that IU and V faced, the “Love Wins All” music video was filmed on time and had a high quality outcome. Check it out for yourself below!

Source: YouTube