20+ Low Quality Phone Pictures Of BLACKPINK’s Jennie That Prove How Naturally Beautiful She Is IRL

Her expression in #14 though 🔥

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie doesn’t need high quality cameras to look amazing in photos! In no particular order, check out how unbelievably beautiful she looks even in low quality pictures below.

1. Posing With A Toy

2. Holding Onto A Pole

3. Wearing Shiny Chanel Earrings

4. Strutting On Stage

5. Tilting Her Head Back

6. Waving At A Fan

7. Being Greeted By BLINKs

8. Wearing A Cat Ear Headband

9. Accepting Gifts

10. Bending Downwards

11. Performing Their Song

12. Owning Red Lipstick

13. Speaking To Fans

14. Smirking At Something

15. Smiling Brightly

16. Pushing Back Her Hair

17. Enjoying A Conversation

18. Posing For The Cameras

19. Enjoying The Event

20. Exiting A Building

21. Placing A Dumpling On Her Head

22. Dancing Charismatically

23. Looking At A Faraway Point

It’s clear from these photographs that Jennie’s high quality visuals can make any low quality photo shine! Meanwhile, see just how stunning fellow member Lisa is in phone pictures here:

20+ Unedited Phone Pictures Of BLACKPINK’s Lisa That Prove How Crazy Beautiful She Really Is In Person

Source: Twitter