20+ Unedited Phone Pictures Of BLACKPINK’s Lisa That Prove How Crazy Beautiful She Really Is In Person

How is #16 real?

You know a celebrity is stunning when they look gorgeous even in unedited phone photos, and that’s exactly the case for BLACKPINK‘s Lisa! The global star is naturally beautiful no matter what angle she is pictured in.

In no particular order, here are 20+ cellphone pictures of the Thai rapper that will have you praising her visuals.

1. Her Checkered Dress

2. Her Pucca Hair Buns

3. Her Blonde Hair

4. Her Winter Jacket

5. Her Skinny Jeans

6. Her Fun Poses

7. Her Crop Top

8. Her Bunny Hat

9. Her Sequined Outfit

10. Her Mesh Top

11. Her Arm Muscles

12. Her Straight Hair

13. Her BLACKPINK Hoodie

14. Her Little Pout

15. Her Adoring Gaze

16. Her Relaxed Wave

17. Her Floor Dance Move

18. Her Bright Smile

19. Her Fixing Of Bangs

| @lalisallsa/Twitter
| @lalisallsa/Twitter

20. Her Birthday Celebration


21. Her Surprise And Disbelief

| @LaliceUpdates/Twitter
| @LaliceUpdates/Twitter

22. Her Slaying Coachella

Source: Facebook


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