Lyricist & Veteran Former JYP Trainee Picks The Top 4 Vocalists In The K-Pop Industry

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Over a period of 12 years, Gina Maeng trained under some of the biggest agencies in K-Pop, including JYP Entertainment, multiple Kakao Entertainment divisions, and CJ E&M. While she was sadly never able to debut, these days, she enjoys life as a writer, lyricist, guide vocalist, and YouTube creator. In a new video with her former vocal trainer Lee Dong Soo, Gina revealed the four idols who she thinks sing the best.

1. Jungkook (BTS)

Gina revealed that these days, she really likes the way BTS’s Jungkook sings. “Out of nowhere,” she explained, “suddenly I find his voice tone really great.” Gina went on to say that she really likes how Jungkook “rides the beat” when it comes to singing dance numbers.

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2. Jo Kwon

Before Gina named Jungkook, Lee Dong Soo brought up how much Gina admires Jo Kwon’s vocals. However, although he originally debuted in the boy group 2AM, Gina says she’s never categorized him as an idol. Instead, she sees him as a full-on vocalist.

3. Luna (f(x))

The first female vocalist Gina named as a favorite of hers is f(x)’s Luna. “Her first solo album was the best K-Pop album released that year,” she stated emphatically, referring to every song on Free Somebody as a masterpiece. Lee Dong Soo chimed in too, revealing SM Entertainment trainers once told her they’ve “never seen anyone like Luna,” and adding that she uses a lot of the f(x) star’s songs in vocal lessons.

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4. Winter (aespa)

Last but not least, Gina also loves the voice of aespa’s lead vocalist, Winter. Gina described her as a “Yoo Young Jin-type vocal,” referring to the legendary SM Entertainment vocal trainer and songwriter Yoo Young Jin.


Gina also revealed a story of a time HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk helped her through a tough recording.

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