These Are The Exact Makeup Products Makeup Artists Use On BLACKPINK And TWICE

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While we’ve already covered the makeup products you will need to recreate Red Velvet‘s iconic looks, this time we’re back with the exact products that BLACKPINK and TWICE‘s makeup artists have used for these moments. The products were previously revealed on various YouTube appearances and the Instagrams of the makeup artists themselves, but here’s a compiled list for your convenience.

1. Jennie’s “Solo” Stage

Jennie makes use of Chanel Les 4 Ombres in 228, taking the pink color in the quad and applying it all over the lids. She then uses Chanel Eclat Enigmatique in Burgundy for the crease and in Bronze for the lower lid. Her lovely, rosy blush is brought to you with the help of Chanel Les Tissages in Tweed Pink, and her lips are colored with Chanel La Palette Caractère.

2. Jennie’s “So Hot” Stage

As expected of the Chanel queen herself, her eyeshadow here is revealed to be Chanel Les 9 Ombres Palette in Affresco while her lipstick is their Poudre À Lèvres in #415.

3. Jisoo’s spring look

As much as Jennie represents Chanel, Jisoo rocked this iconic spring look with the help of Dior. She uses their Liquid Mono eyeshadow in Copper Spark and applied their lip glow oil in Pink to the eyelids for a slick, wet look. On her cheeks are their Rouge Blush in #642, while the same lip glow oil is applied to the lips.

4. Jisoo with her red hair

During one of BLACKPINK’s most iconic performances, Jisoo borrowed the help of Moonshot‘s Jellypot in Sparkling Rose across the crease of the lids, and their colourmoon week series’ liquid shadow in Brilliant Radar Pink all over the lower and upper lids. For blush, she uses the cream paint in Pink Squeeze. On her lips are the Moonshot Lipfit in S114.

5. Nayeon’s “MORE & MORE” look

As Nayeon snapped this beautiful spring look for “MORE & MORE”, her makeup was kept fresh and clean. The Huda Beauty Pastel Rose Palette was used for her eyes with the bright pink and lavender shades all over the eyes, applied in gradation, while M.A.C‘s Soft Brown single shadow lent some contours to the eyes. Korean makeup loves its aegyo-sal glitter, and Nayeon has on the Laura Mercier Satin Eyeshadow in Guava on her lower lids. For blush, the artist mixed up Shiseido‘s Paperlight Cream Eyecolor, repurposed on her cheeks, in PL201 and VI304. Lastly, for her lips, she has on M.A.C’s Powder Kiss in Flat Out Fabulous, layered with Rarekind‘s Oversmudge Lip Tint in Plum Sangria. Nayeon’s makeup has lots of purple tones layered with pink, probably as she is a cool tone, which suits purple shades! You can check out her look as explained by TWICE’s makeup artist here.

6. Goddess Jeongyeon for “MORE & MORE”

Jeongyeon rocks a simple eye makeup created by Bobbi Brown‘s single eyeshadow in Toast, a color many Korean makeup artists rave about for contours and light shading. The Huda Beauty Medium Nude Palette is also used for detailing. She uses 2AN‘s Long Lash mascara to hold the natural lashes and falsies together. For blush, the artist applied IM MEME‘s I’m Afternoon Tea Blush Palette, using the 1st and 2nd shades in the palette. Lastly, M.A.C’s Powder Kiss Liquid in Devoted Chilli is used on her lips, mixed with NARS‘ Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Get Off. Check out a detailed explanation below

Are you tempted to try out these products and looks after they’ve been revealed by the girls’ very own makeup artists themselves? While the prices may be a little expensive for some, makeup is an investment if you enjoy the art!

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