Master The Korean “No Makeup” Makeup Look With These 6 Holy Grail Tips By Jessica Jung

Tip #4 is actually genius.

Jessica Jung breaks down the basics of her fresh and youthful Korean-style “no makeup” look that’s perfect to wear on the daily. Here are the 6 key tips you must know to achieve the effortless look.

1. Use a combination of skincare and makeup products for a natural, glowy base.

You’re trying to enhance your skin’s natural beauty, not slather it in cakey makeup. By combining a moisturizer with a foundation or concealer (Jessica prefers Revlon Color Stay Concealer), the skin is left dewy.



No need for highlighter: This will already give you a glow, naturally accentuating the high points of your face.

2. Keep lips moisturized at all times.

Lip oils do wonders from keeping lips looking dry.


Even if I have a matte lipstick on, I [dab] a little bit of the lip oil in the middle just to make it a little bit more glamorous.

— Jessica

3. Full, bushy brows are youthful and cute.

Jessica uses a four-step process for her brows: powder, two shades of pencil, and brown mascara.

Using a brown mascara instead of a brow gel is her own personal tip for a stronger hold and some added volume.

4. Keep eye shadow warm-toned.

Whether reaching for peaches in corals in the springtime or deep rosy hues for fall and winter, she always gravitates towards warmer colors.

5. Don’t be afraid to use heat on your lashes.

By warming up an eyelash curler with a blow dryer, your lashes will stay curled throughout the day.

For false lashes, Jessica lights a small wooden stick on fire and blows it out. She then presses it onto her lashes which creates super long-lasting curls.

6. Skincare > Makeup

Jessica, who has a 16-step morning skincare routine, focuses most of her attention on pampering her skin rather than trying to cover up with makeup.


Her go-to tips are creating a quick sheet mask using toner and cotton pads as well as using the warmth of her hands to help press products like essence and moisturizer into her skin.


Source: Allure